Academy of the Twilight Wyvern

The primary location of magical scholarship in Westerheim and located in the Jaess Expanse.


  • Headmaster
  • Vice Principal
  • Department Heads (6)
  • Teachers (3-6 per department)
  • Student Teachers (0-2 per teacher)


No students accepted into the Academy may demonstrate a deceitful nature, disloyalty to the values of the Academy and its members, or anything less than the dignity expected of a powerful magician. Frivolous use of power, demonstrations of power which denigrate others, or cruelty towards others result in immediate expulsion and often being stripped of access to magical power entirely.

Public Agenda

To educate and instruct those with the talent and willingness to study magic and clockwork.


The Academy's grounds cover nearly fifty acres of land in Jaess Expanse. The foundation which supports the Academy, managed by the Clockwork Guild, also possesses enough wealth to maintain the grounds, cleaning staff, teaching faculty and all other extraneous expenditures related to the education of sorcerers.

Unity, Dignity, Loyalty


  • The Academy of the Twilight Wyvern
    The main floor of the Twyvern Academy in Jaess Expanse.
Founding Date
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Twyvern Academy
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Notable Members


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