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Magus Rex

The title of Magus Rex denotes the most powerful person in the Aspaxian Empire, debatably even the entire continent of Aurore. The Magus Rex has total and complete power over the Empire (and often is so powerful, the title is just a formality: they'd rule with or without it.) As the head of state, the Magus Rex has final say in anything related to the laws, military, and other political engagements of the Aspaxian Empire, but in practice they typically delegate out all but one field to others.   The method the Magus Rex uses to pick their officials vary. Many use the top contenders in the Magnum Certamen as their delegates, and this is considered the proper and honorable tradition. The most recent Magus Rex, Annabella Aldridge, has completely ignored this tradition, instead choosing those she believes are most suited for each task, in order for her to focus more on her study of magic.   Technically, one does not have to be an Aspaxian citizen to join the Magnum Certamen and become the Magus Rex. There have been a few close calls throughout their history where the leaders of foreign nations have entered and almost won the tournament. There have also been a few foreign parties who have won, but Aspaxian leaders claim not to mind, because they are committed to being lead by the very strongest person out there.   Most often, Magus Rex decide that their department of choice should be the military, and nearly all of the most distinguished Aspaxian war heroes held the title at some point. Every mewling noble aspires to the post, and its the only one in the empire that they cannot abuse their inherited magic items to get. Its only because of this stipulation that the title of Magus Rex continues to be granted to the strongest around.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
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