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The Great Axehole

The often crude and violent Golobe Doviyiiba of Telshia have a game called, "Find the Axehole." The game begins every time a bounty is brought in that is at least worth three points. The bounty is strapped to a thick piece of wood with their legs spread out over a hole, the Axehole.   Then, they take turns throwing small axes at the hole in the wood. Each hunter gets to throw one ax per round. It is single elimination. You are eliminated from the game if:  
  • You miss the hole
  • You injure the bounty
  •   As injuries to the bounty can cost the hunter who brought them in money, anyone who injures the bounty must then spend a round strapped to the wood themself. However, in that case, hunters are only elminated if they miss the hole.   When only one hunter remains, they win. They earn the title of The Great Axehole until the next bounty is brought in.  
    Yeah, I've heard of the game. I've also heard that if bounties are scarce, the idiots will strap one of their own to the wood and play anyway.
    — conversation while watching a bounty being brought in
    Local history says the game was created when the sapien that killed Lega was brought in for an unprecedented five-point bounty. No money was ever collected by the hunter, however, since the bounty was required to be fojahii. It is believed that the "No injury" rule was developed as a result of this "mistake".
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    Aug 6, 2021 21:12 by Mochi

    Okay I won't lie, I originally clicked on this article because I thought it said "The Great Axolotl". Nevertheless, I enjoyed the read, and even though it sounds dangerous I'd enjoy a game of it. :)

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    Haha, thanks for reading. The Golobe Doviyiiba, bounty hunters, are the best small weapon throwers in the country. Quite a few of the males are also unable to have children. ;)