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Water Sage

Within the current organization of Water Seekers, a Water Sage is the rank above Seeker and below Dancinglight.


The primary qualification for attaining the rank of Water Sage is a willingness to accept it. The lack of personal benefits and the weight of the responsibilities make it a title that is rarely sought, and those who actively seek it tend not to be offered it.


Eligibility for the title of Sage is limited to those with a minimum of five years as a Seeker in good standing who also express interest in impartial judgment and teaching, and are observed to have excellent ability in the same.


Sages are expected to serve as mentors to Seekers.  When a Seeker's actions are called into question, a handful of Sages will determine what consequences, if any, are warranted.


Water Sages are responsible for the training of proto-Seekers.  A proto may receive instruction from a Seeker, but must meet with a Sage's approval before ascending in rank.


The greatest benefit granted Water Sages is increased respect.  Their opinions hold more weight, but by the same token they must be more careful of the opinions they express.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Because the title is not given without due consideration, it is extremely unlikely that a situation might arise in which a sage must be stripped of rank.  Far more likely is that a Sage might resign, due to age or ill health or personal reasons.  Although the Dancinglight will approve it without hesitation, the request must still be formally presented so that the Seekers can keep accurate records of the active Sages.


As was the case with "Dancinglight", Sage was a title originated by freesailors in awe of the mystical powers that Water Seekers appeared to possess.  Seekers who retired from the Eddy were constantly addressed as "Sage" in spite of their attempts to get people to stop.  The misunderstanding carried over into the creation of the New Eddy, and for a time all Water Seekers were referred to as Sages until the Dancinglight codified the distinction between Seekers and Sages.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Length of Term
A Sage holds the title for as long as they feel able to maintain it.
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