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Dancinglight, New Eddy

Within the current organization of Water Seekers, the Dancinglight is the highest-ranking individual, and the New Eddy's public representative.


As the spokesperson of an organization known for reclusiveness, the Dancinglight has to be equally comfortable in solitude and in company.  Diplomatic skill is a must, since the public perception of the Water Seekers is still entangled with the reputation of the Wringers.


The Dancinglight must be a Water Seeker who has attained the rank of Sage.


The suggested procedure for appointing a new Dancinglight is for the current Dancinglight or a committee of Water Sages to offer the role to a promising candidate.  The candidate may take time to consider the offer, but should return a decision within a reasonable time frame.


The Dancinglight is the first Water Seeker to meet with any visitors to the New Eddy.  They are also the Eddy's representative to the Isles' Meet.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Because the Dancinglight is sometimes required to travel, the Eddy maintains a conduit boat for their private use.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Dancinglight is as much bound by the modern Eddy's code of conduct as any Water Seeker--perhaps more so, given the highly public nature of the role. A Dancinglight found in violation of the code by at least a full hand of Sages can be stripped of the title.  However, as with Sages, it is more expected for a Dancinglight to step down voluntarily.

Cultural Significance

In the immediate aftermath of the Dissolution, Alcendis took over leadership of Mraydor as well as the title of Dancinglight, leaving many people with the impression that she and the Water Seekers were merely the Wringers with a new name. Her work in re-establishing Mraydor's governing council changed minds only locally. Among the rest of the Cluster Islands, public opinion remains either suspicious or undecided. Even today, with Alcendis retired and the current Dancinglight Nkeba Rruend refusing involvement in island politics, conflicting rumors abound concerning the Dancinglight's ambitions to return to power as a new Uniter.
Length of Term
There is no set term of service for a Dancinglight. Alcendis held the role for almost 30 years before retiring, setting a daunting precedent.
First Holder
Current Holders

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