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Alcendis Varenonde

Alcendis is a key figure in the overthrow of the Unity.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As the only heir of a wealthy Zaiyeve bloodline, Alcendis had a privileged upbringing. That ended with the twin volcanic eruptions that devastated Zaiyev. She was away from her home at the time, out of the path of the lahars that overwhelmed multiple cities, but left without any family. She was rescued by Delu's Dissolvers and joined the crew. Eventually Alcendis came to question Delu's motives and methods. She went to Mraydor to work with Kezlaf, despite knowing he was responsible for the Zaiyev eruptions.


Alcendis worked with Delu for several years as a saboteur, then defected to Kezlaf's Wringers. After his defeat, Alcendis took the role of Dancinglight. She retired after nearly thirty years.

Morality & Philosophy

As the first Dancinglight since the destruction of the old Eddy, Alcendis established a code of conduct to be followed by all Water Seekers.  The code forbids Seekers from interfering with a person's volition, memories, or perception.  Seekers are to be forthcoming with their intent.  They may act freely where lives are at risk, but otherwise may not intervene without being requested to do so.



Having grown up on Zaiyev but also spent many formative years in Delu's fleet and on Mraydor, Alcendis has absorbed several accents and dialects.  Mostly she uses Zaiyevi formality, but can switch to another form of speech as the situation requires.
long, black, slightly textured
5' 2"
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

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