Being a Velpir of pure heart and dedication to preserving the balance within Xoboros are the only known requirements. The Elements pay no heed to age, gender, or physical ability when choosing an Archshaman.


The role of Archshaman is chosen by the elements themselves. Once chosen, the Elements imbue the archshaman with unnaturally long life and great power, allowing them to commune directly with the souls of the elements around them.


The Archshaman is responsible for ensureing the life and wellbeing of the planetary elements of Zantyra. Any act that damages the planet or pollutes it's air or water is within their authority.    When mining became widespread on the planet, the Archshaman Khanosti looked upon the damaged earth and wept. He declared both mining and its sister profession, blacksmithing illegal and against the planet for it's damage to land and air.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Archshamans are appointed for life, a life greatly extended by the gift from the elements. However, they are not immortal and most Archshamans of the past have passed due to old age. There have been two ocassions where an archshaman has lost his way and his heart has been tainted. In those cases, the Elements themselves turned on the shaman, ending their life and allowing for the appointment of a new archshaman.

Cultural Significance

Before the Velpir went extince, Archshamans were highly respected by all the species of Zantyra. Feasts were held upon their arrival in villages and cities. Even now there are those who pray for the Velpir to return and bring peace with them.

Notable Holders

Khanosti - The oldes shaman known to have been chosen as Archshaman, chosen at age 2486.   Melarielle The youngest shaman to be elevated, chosen at age 15.
Magical, Professional
Alternative Naming
The Great Warden
Source of Authority
The Elements
Length of Term


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