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In some worlds, working on a field is not enough to carry the title that other worlds assign to the profession. In Fóu, that's the case of those jobs that may change the way people see the world. For instance, the Legislators, Psychologists and Scientists.


  • Academic degree on Science fields
  • Research defense presentation


  • Percipient Sense
  • Communication skills
  • Truthful and ethical


The Knowledge Issuance Committee confers this title after the first successful defense presentation of the candidate's research.


Observe and understand natural events and the universe mechanics, in order to explain them to the public.


A Scientist receives the same income than other citizens, but their access to Standard Project Budget is easier, and their research may be supported by the General Government or the Knowledge Issuance System.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It takes a severe ethical transgression to lose the Scientist title, and it has to be proved with irrefutable evidence or a public, recorded, and clear confession. The process is so complicated that it's avoided even in cases when the transgression is well known.   On the other hand, a Scientist can easily loose the public thrust by providing the wrong information, no matter if there are any reasons to believe that they did it on purpose.

Notable Holders

  • Luzue, first discoverer of several principles of physics.
  • Midkdim, the first observer on minor species behavior —therefore responsible for the invention of medicine in this world.
  • Ylqird, the youngest member of the Knowledge Issuance System in Forest Community.
  • Giertreig, the latest observer of the Ancient Gifts, and the first Scientist without percipient sense.
  • Ekarseia, member of the Knowledge Issuance Committee and discoverer of several forms and sources of energy
Academic, Honorific
In effect. Highly respected.
Alternative Naming
Researcher, Analyst, Observer
Equates to
Source of Authority
Proved Experience. A scientific discovering.
Length of Term


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