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Crescent Captain

They who rule the Sea

Written by Endrise

I am the Crescent Captain, the king and queen of the sea you sail. Be prepared to see the reason why I hold such a title in the first place!
— Elisabeth Saltfroid VII

The Crescent Captain is a title famous amongst pirates of the Crescent Sea. While lacking a level of formality behind it, it does have a sense of infamy.

What it lacks in any major political significance it makes up for the respect it deserves. Anyone who ever wielded the title has a proper reason for doing so.

The ruler of the Crescent Sea

An Unofficial Title of Power

Anyone who inherits the title of Crescent Captain rules the Crescent Sea. Or at least that is how people assume it is. In reality, it belongs to the pirate who knows how to keep the others the most under their control. Whether it be through respect, or sheer force.

No proper paper or actual ceremony confirms who is the next Crescent Captain. Only through popularity or infamy do people get to learn who they are. Which does lead to sometimes multiple people having the title at the same time, unaware of one another's existence.

Regardless, a Crescent Captain often defines what the rules are of the sea. What the prices are, who gets to sail the waters, or even what routes one can take. With the right person it can make exploration safer, or more dangerous than ever.

A battle with no reward

With such a looming shadow that the title has over all pirates of the Crescent Sea, it comes to no surprise people want to claim it for themselves. People either try to gain the favour of the people to earn the title, or face the current captain until they give over the title.

Both tend to be not a task that's feasible for just any pirate. It is an uphill battle for dominance over the sea, making both new allies and foes along the way. Even after earning the title the upkeep can be expensive, demanding a presence at all times.

Many Crescent Captains lose their title this way, if not getting killed right after claiming. With rumours of a new captain trying to hold dominance, the first few days are often the most difficult to upkeep. Other pirates try to claim the title while they recover, making any moment one captain falls a battlefield for every pirate.

An Unkept List of Unnamed Captains

With a lack of knowledge who holds the title at any given moment, many Crescent Captains go unnamed or are lost to time. Those that do go by name often are because of infamy.

Those tend to make their presence known and enforced with a brand. From a flag to a ship to even a person beneath the captain's hat. With allies in the furthest corners of Sichelan, friends on the open sea, and enforcers keeping down anyone who defies their name.

Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Crescent King/Queen
Ruler of the Crescent Sea
Current Holders
Related Locations

The Saltfroid Family

Amongst the many that hold the rank of Crescent Captain, the Saltfroid Family seems to be the one that survived the longest. With six consecutive members of the bloodline carrying the torch, the title became notorious with the family name. Or rather, the name Elisabeth Saltfroid.

From Elisabeth Saltfroid II to Elisabeth Saltfroid VII, each one upkept their rulership from mother to daughter. While some did lose their titles for anywhere from days to years, most lived and died under the banner. All thanks to a long alliance with other pirate groups and their own ship, the Crusty Sailor.

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