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Elisabeth Saltfroid VII

The Crescent Queen

Written by Endrise

Crescent Captain Elisabeth Saltfroid, VII (a.k.a. The Mess of the Crescent Sea)

The last person that stood before me did so while I was piss-drunk and had a loaded gun. Now I have two loaded guns.
— Elisabeth Saltfroid VII

Elisabeth Saltfroid VII is one of the current holders of the Crescent Captain name. A pirate queen that is both equally skillfull as she is insane. Not only does she run the Crust Crew with notorious tactics, but has a history with questionable methods of leading in general.

Having recently dawned the legacy of her mother, many still question her earning of the title. But despite her almost childish look on the position, she has yet to be matched by anyone.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Small and slender in posture, when someone thinks of a Crescent Captain a pint-sized Undine is the last thing anyone expects. Despite such non-threatening height, her body shows a long list of near-death experiences she survived.

Small scars that show on exposed bits of her blue skin with even a left foot missing. Hair barely well-kept except for a long braided ponytail. Everything about her shows a mess of a woman that only gets through life via sheer luck.

Identifying Characteristics

A good way to identify her is to check for a small crab tattoo engraved on her left hand. Like all other members of the Crust Crew, she got it when she became a fellow pirate.

Another is to check for a small star-shaped scar on the right shoulder. Something from one of her many fights on the open sea.

Apparel & Accessories

As a captain of the Crust Crew, she dresses as one: a large tricorn hat, a loose-buttoned jacket and a pair of knee-high leather boots. But with her lack of formality, everything sits crooked in one way or another. Her shirt hangs out her pants, her belts hang loose from her waist, and whatever symbol of power she had gets lost in an appearance like a bum.

Specialized Equipment

Note to self: stomp with the right foot, not the left one.
— Elisabeth Saltfroid VII

Known for getting into trouble, Elisabeth is always armed and ready. At her side are a trustworthy flintlock and a sword enhirated from her mother. Kept on two seperate belts hanging from her waist, right next to whatever bottle of booze she might have on her.

Her prosthetic foot is where most tricks reside. Besides the hidden compartments for smuggling it also has a hidden gun barrel. With a stomp of the heel it goes off, capable of blowing a whole in someone's boot. And if that doesn't work, there is also a hidden blade in the ankle.

She also is prone to hiding a few small daggers in her hat, sleeves and even pants.

Mental characteristics



Personality Characteristics


Her motivations are easy to understand: to have wealth and fame, booze and pleasures on the open seas. To be ungovernable to any land and make her own rules. And to do so, she tries to ensure she stays Crescent Captain as long as possible.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Treasure
  • Booze
  • Being respected


  • Headaches
  • Backstabbers
  • Having to follow orders

Virtues & Personality perks

Elisabeth beams with confidence, often to a degree that people question if she can feel fear. No matter the challenge, no matter how dire the situation, she does not doubt her own actions.

She can also be a very charismatic person, despite her slurred speech. Granted those words are often seductive in nature, but they can convince others to be often on her side.

Vices & Personality flaws

As many of her crewmates can confirm, she is a total mess. Someone who doesn't understand modesty and formality, while being childish in her behaviour as well. Elisabeth barely takes anything said to her serious, shrugging it off no matter the concern.

With such traits she often comes off as bombastic, acting first and thinking later. Numerous times does she end up going into battle without a plan, relying more on the sheer confusion of an attack. Which with her unnatural luck she seems to seems to always succeed at.

There's also a severe drinking problem, as she spends more time drunk than anything.


Contacts & Relations

As one of the Crescent Captains, she has ties in many places across the Crescent Sea. From pirate crews both big and small she provides protection or gets help from. Sometimes inherited from her mother's legacy, and in rare cases because she used to date a captain or two.


Listen, I am not going to elaborate further. We sail towards the ship, raise the flag, have Jeremy show his pinchers and get the loot.   What are they going to do, shoot the giant armoured crab?
— Elisabeth Saltfroid VII



Crewmate (Important)

Towards Elisabeth Saltfroid VII



Elisabeth Saltfroid VII

Captain (Important)

Towards Keet




Elisabeth Saltfroid VII and Keet met at a small port down in Sichelan because of a situation Elisabeth got herself into. After escaping a rival pirate group, she offered the Siren a place on the Crust Crew as her eyes and ears.

A few months in, the two started forming a relationship, dating behind the scenes. Only a few of the other crew members even knew of it, intentional or not.

The two did grew more distant as it became harder to keep the secret up, deciding to break up before it got out of hand. Though it was not with any hard feelings, as the two remain flirty with one another to this day.

Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Crescent Captain
Elisa One-Foot
Leader of the Crust Crew
The Drunken Queen
The Mad Pirate
The Mess of the Crescent Queen
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1164 AFE 20 Years old
Deep Green
Braided Light Blue hair
5'2" | 1.6m
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Character Cover by Endrise


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