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Prompt 30: The Knight of the Spirits

The Knight of Spirits is a respected warrior that serves the will of the spirits. Once an honored warrior and protector of the city. They have grown to become a thorn at the side of the nobles who have increasingly found ways around the pact made to the great spirits.   This having reached a boiling point when they finally killed the most recent knight. Some believe that many of the hardships that have begun to befall the city is because with this action they have finally broke the pact made long ago. Though some feel that the nobles must have divine right if even the spirits won't show their anger at their actions.
    Since the establishment of the city of Salire their has always been the Maiden and the Knight. Each serve the Great Spirits in different ways. While the Maiden is the voice and heart of the spirits who seeks to inform and care for what the great spirits need. The Knight is the Sword and Strength of the spirits. Acting without the approval of the nobles.   With each new Knight the bond with the nobles have lessened. While the first knight was a noble, many have come from all walks of life. Nowadays no one knows who the knight is as the one who is chosen is given a vision and a quest to prove themselves. Once they earned their approval they are given tasks through their dreams.   Each knights elemental focus is different from the previous one, though following a cycle of what element follows. The previous knight was based on earth and was the knight that had the most animosity to the nobles goals. Standing in their way when they desired to mine Greith mine previously. Though with their death they jumped at the chance to expand their operations before a new knight is chosen.

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