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Chosen of Vecna

You are the Kindred Vampires sired by Vecna's bloodlines from the World of Night . An inferno desert world of blazing sun, now shrouded in perpetual night through Vecna’s dark sorceries. Vecna's launching point against the foundation worlds.   Your characters are the Chosen of Vecna and tasked with the subtle conquering of the PtolusCity, infiltrated from the Shadowfell. The Chosen of Vecna are younger vampires still in touch with their humanity. This gives them an edge in dealing with mortals while furthering the goals of the Kindred.   The Chosen or the Chosen of Vecna are Ancillae Vampires that have some experience but are still relative new in the ranks of important Kindred. Sires promote and suggest the names of their best or prized progeny to their family elders. To be selected as a Chosen of Vecna is an honor for both the Sire and the Progeny.      

Green with Envy

  With the honor comes jealousy and subterfuge from their peers. This also invites opportunities for possible competing sires and progeny to cause issues, distraction and trip up their possible competition.    

Kine Walk

  The reason for the selection of the Chosen is so they may walk among the Kine or mortals in subterfuge. This allows them to interact more easily and help guide the subtle plans of their clans. Elder vampires that have stretched farther from their connections to humanity have a hard time negotiating, placating, caring or even pretending to care what mortals are saying much less convincing them. An elder vampire is just as likely to rip the head off of a mortal that is not cooperating with their plan, then quietly ask why we cant just deal with the next mortal.
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