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Tatjana Sparre

Lady of the Invictus
Speaker of Ptolus
Chosen of Clan Daeva
Tatjana Sparre

I am Chosen Tatjana, 3rd of
Elder Selania, 1st of
Family Elder Tanlin, 3rd of
Clan Elder Samuel, 1st of
Antediluvian Elder Toreador,
Blood of Vencna

I had many names before. They called me Street Scum, Princess, Ventrue Whore, Childe… And today, I am Chosen Lady Tatjana. Who knows how they will call me in the future? All I know is what I am, how I became that way, and what that means to me. I know, that I am Kindred. And that means, that you may not have to pay a bill you owe me. At least not right now. But remember. I am Kindred. I will not forget what you did. And some day, you will have to pay.

The Way you look tonight

See the Lady. A beautiful woman, with hair like raven wings and eyes like the heart of a flame. When she enters a battlefield, the fightings become all about lust and ecstasy. Her clothes have the colours of blood and shadow, but she dyed them in human blood. The warriors don’t care. They bend their knees to serve her. A queen without a crown.

The woman that approaches you is tall and slender, her muscles toned like those of a dancer. Her face is youthful and will always be. It is hard to guess how old she may be. Anything from late teenager to mid-twenties could be possible. Her lips promise you great pleasure, but her steel-blue eyes remind you that being with her will always have a price.

Her raven-black hair flows in soft waves over her pale white skin, down to her waist, almost her hips. The blue veins are visible under her skin, making her look like a statue created from marble. She has a toned body, muscles of a dancer and adequate movement. Everything on her body screams pleasure, and screams seduction.

Have a look at her stunning face. Appreciate the slight hints of innocence. Did you recognize her eyes, large like doll’s eyes, with long lashes? Did you focus on her lips for a moment, coloured like strawberries, full and curved? Pull your gaze from these features, follow the vein, down her delicate neck. Let your eyes rest on her neck for a while and recognize that she is frozen in time. She will never change.

We paint our love in blood

On the back of her neck, just above the spine, Tatjana has a tattoo. It is delicate and shows a coat of arms in red and black. Below, there are two names tattooed that seem to belong to that coat of arms. The two names are Craise & Marcus, both of them written in blood red.

On closer inspection, one could think that these names were written with a mixture of blood and ink.

Just dress like the queen you are

The colour palette she is wearing is pretty limited. She prefers black, with hints of blood red and purple as her accent colours. With metal, she prefers silver and would not wear jewellery made of gold or other metals. Her gemstones are usually red, like rubies or garnets, or purple, like amethysts.

Everyday Dressing

For everyday occasions, she wears a floor-length, semi-transparent dress made of fine linen in deep black. The dress has a slit up to the hips and she usually wears it with a tightly laced under-bust corset. The neckline of the dress expands to the edge of the corset and features delicate lace decorations, that direct the eyes of an observer over her body.

She usually wears knee-high boots of black leather and thigh-high stockings of black silk with it.

Travel and Fighting

When travelling, in upcoming battles or when she needs to leave the city for a longer period, she prefers trousers and a suitably separate top. For this purpose, she has had black leather trousers made that fit her legs like a second skin and accentuate them as much as possible. On her upper body, she wears a corset that is made like a waistcoat and lifts and emphasises her breasts accordingly. No one said you must make yourself ugly to travel, did they?

The travel outfit also includes a pair of knee-high boots, but they look more like riding boots and consist of sturdy, resilient leather.


She wears two pieces of very expensive jewellery at any given time, unless she is working on the streets or in a brothel.

The first one is a black leather choker, with an expensive pendant. The pendant is made of a silvery metal and has a delicately cut ruby in it. The pendant is engraved in its back with the words “True Love will never die”.

The second piece is a ring. At first sight, it’s just a silver ring with a spider, set with a ruby body for the spider. On second sight, the ruby shows delicate lines, that form a coat of arms. This ring is a poison ring, and has a deposit for any kind of liquid or ground poison.

Show me your treasures, Honey

Heart's Desire

The blade called Heart's Desire is reforged from the shards of Marcus former blade. It's a simple one-handed blade of about 80cm length and made of steel, that matches the colour of Tatjana's eyes.

On closer inspection the steel seems to be tainted red. During the process of reforging, the blade was hardened in blood and vitae 3 times. The first hardening was in Animal Blood, the second one in Human Blood, the third one in her own Vitae.

Ruby Pendant

The signature Ruby Pendant she wears was a gift from Craise and she would only put it off if she works in the streets, which she avoids. The silver setting is made to look like a frame of roses with thorny ranks holding the gemstone in place.

In the back of the pendant, there is a delicate engraving, saying "True Love will never die". He gifted the pendant to her, to remind her of the love they shared at all times. Touching the pendant could send her into some serious rage.

Tell me about the things you love

I love...

  • The smell of fire - even if I am now afraid of it. Nothing smells like burning wood.
  • Feeling silk on my skin. The cloth wraps around my body like a soft, cool touch.
  • Finding hidden locations where I can be alone with friends of mine.
  • Dancing with Marcus. His body is just perfect for me.

I hate...

  • The smell of bread soup. I had enough of this when I was a child.
  • People telling me how to be a vampire. I am like I am.
  • Heavy cloth. It makes me insecure if I have to wear them.
  • Court Dances. You can never look elegant while doing these.

Who I was - and who I've become

A new name - a new life
Generic article | Dec 14, 2021

The Mortal Shell

For a motherless child in the wild, wild city
It ain't no place for a girl
So young and pretty
A motherless child in the wild, wild city
Cause the city ain't no place for a lonely girl

— The Pretty Reckless, Wild City

I have never been normal. Strange as that may sound, it is a fact. To this day, I cannot remember when or where I was born. All I know about my parents and thus my earliest childhood is that my father was a Ventrue, while my mother was a human. So according to that, I was not born as a human, but as a Dhampir.

Other than that, I know little about it. My earliest memories begin when I was about eight years old. I found myself, with no memory, on the streets of Gulg. How I got there, or what happened before, I don’t know. However, my clothes were exceedingly noble - and blood-soaked. From today’s perspective, as a vampire, it seems likely somebody attacked my father, or that he himself had no further interest in family life.

Being who I am, I believe that somebody attacked him. Of course, I still have hope that he will continue to exist and that I will meet him one day. From the day I found myself there, I lived in the healer’s house or on the street, depending on what happened.

It wasn’t until I was 13 or 14 summers old that Craise found me, but from that moment on, my life changed. He treated me like a princess, and as I slowly grew older, I fell in love with him. He wasn’t the only one, though. With him, I also met Marcus. Marcus was a gift for Craise, but we spent a lot more time together. He taught me, protected me, but above all else, he became my brother, my best friend, my heart and soul. We would have done anything for each other - and we did everything for each other.

The Embrace

Welcome back to the days of old
Where the men are men and the women are sold
Unwilling sacrifice, I'll fuck you for a price
They kill 'em young so they never get old

— The Pretty Reckless, Witches Burn

The Presentation

Taste me, drink my soul, show me all the things that I shouldn′t know
When there's a new moon on the rise
I had everything, opportunities for eternity
And I could belong to the night
Your eyes, your eyes, I can see in your eyes, your eyes
Everything in your eyes, your eyes

— The Pretty Reckless, Make me Wanna Die

The Dead Afterlife

For the lives that I fake, I'm going to hell!
For the vows that I break, I′m going to hell!
For the ways that I hurt, while I'm hiking up my skirt.
I am sitting on a throne while they're buried in the dirt.
For the man that I hate, I′m going to hell!
Gettin′ heavy with the devil, you can hear the wedding bells.

— The Pretty Reckless, Going to Hell

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Tatjana Sparre

Lover (Vital)

Towards Craise





Towards Tatjana Sparre


Tatjana Sparre


Towards Selania




Towards Tatjana Sparre


Tatjana Sparre


Towards Malachi



Proxy Sire

Towards Tatjana Sparre


Tatjana Sparre


Towards Marcus




Towards Tatjana Sparre


Tatjana is a tall, and slender woman with hip-length, raven-black hair. She belongs to Clan Daeva.

Character Location
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Mortal Species
Current Location
Year of Birth
573 IA 148 Years old
City of Gulg
Craise (Lover)
raven black, waist length waves
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale-White, like milk
Quotes & Catchphrases

Discreet services pay off. Often more than once.

Aligned Organization

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