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Hello, I am Davina. I love all things vampire, worldbuild mainly victorian fantasy and cyberpunk - oh, and I develop my very own TTRPG system.

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Interests & Hobbies

World Building, reading, painting, drawing and photography.

Favorite Movies

Johnny Mnemonic, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Vampire Academy, Bram Stoker's Dracula

Favorite TV Series

Supernatural, True Blood, Sherlock, Good Omens

Favorite Books

Terry Pratchett - Discworld (all of them), I, Strahd, Neuromancer, Shadowrun (all of them!)

Favorite Writers

Stephen King, R.A.Salvatore, Terry Pratchett, Anne Bishop, J.R.R Tolkien

Favorite Games

Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade (v3 & v20), Vampire: Victorian Age (Who is wondering about that?), Iron Kingdoms, Anno 1800, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and many, many more


Latest Loved work

Oscorp Catch-Field Disk

River of Bludskelh

Vista River

Mind over Mimic


The Dagger's Tail

Raphael Headley

Specter, Chapter 7: Heroing Hard on the High Seas