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Defender of the Tower

Those awarded with the title of 'Defender of the Tower' receive a medal and the ability to order the soldiers of the fortress-keep of Senarr as if they had rank equivalent to Corporals of the Watch. It is awarded personally by Lord Ferric Senarr, leader of the colony expedition which founded the Keep, with all the townspeople watching and celebrating.
  Keep Senarr is located on the edge of the Barrens bordering Brankara, an immense keep built on a small mountain at the base of the Belt of Medusa¬†mountain range separating Brankara from the hobgoblin empire of Dhargul. The area is heavily forested and wild, with many free-ranging monsters, rampaging groups of bandits, and goblinoid war parties roaming the area. It has been less than a decade since Lord Senarr led his people into the area to settle and pacify it, and they have only begun to penetrate the edges of the realm.
  With his forces stretched thin, trade caravans missing or overdue, and several of his senior rangers missing in the field, Lord Senarr called for adventurers to aid in the pacification of the region. One group which arrived was known as 'The Spellhands', a group of five adventurers who were all able to cast some variety of magic. Despite an initially unpromising start, they proceeded to uncover a group of evil cultists within the Keep who had partnered with a covert hobgoblin army. The cultists had magically excavated a tunnel down through the mountain to its base, where the army was preparing to take advantage of it to capture the keep and add the region to the Dhargul¬†empire.
  The Spellhands uncovered and crushed the cult and led the defence of both the keep and the lightly-fortified town and logging camp below against the hobgoblins. As a result, Lord Senarr summoned the Spellhands to the central square of the the town, where they were met by the lord and his personal guard drawn up in gleaming full-plate armour. The lord awarded each of them with the medal and title, before the grateful townspeople launched a celebration that lasted late into the the evening.
  The Defender medal itself consists of a two-inch disc of silver, with a rayed star embossed on its surface. A small raised disc projects from the centre of the star, with a silhouette of the mountain and Senarr Keep embossed on the disc. It hangs from a loop of purple ribbon.
  Lord Senarr decreed the creation of the award of 'Defender of the Tower' specifically for the singular efforts of the Spellhands. It was only to be awarded for feats of particular valour which have a notable impact on the security of the realm and the defence of the Keep itself and the town huddled at its base. The best metalsmith of the town worked nonstop with his apprentices to craft five copies of the medal in time, thanks to the circumstances which resulted in it being awarded to five people simultaneously.
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