Vitez Etha

Vitez translates to "point," specifically of a sword. Thus being the Vitez Etha means that someone is like the point (of a sword) of Etha, often earned through combating the kingdom's enemies in warfare.   The origins of the title are old, having been around since before the @Ethain Upou. However, despite its age, the title has been seldom given to men. The most famous example of a man receiving the title was in the late twelfth century when Sezzlic Denk was bestowed the title after his defeat of the @Hyun. Given his fame in Ethain history and his young age at the time, it is no surprise that this occurrence is the most famous. Yet closer to the modern day, there is also the famous example of Seshac Kevubi, who earned this title after serious effort in the greatest of the world's wars.   There has never been strict responsibilities and privileges associated with the title of "Vitez Etha," however such things have often come alongside it informally. Of course, the obligation to continue to defend the kingdom remains, and rather is strengthened, after receiving the title. As well, the recipient is expected to take up a certain leading role in the defense of the kingdom.   In exchange for these obligations expected of the recipient, however, they are also usually awarded special privileges, as well. Among this is the authority lent to their word and to their actions, wherein the recipient's peers as well as the subjects of the realm look to the Vitez Etha for guidance. Additionally, the Vitez Etha can expect to rise in position and prestige through this title, becoming perhaps the second most popular figure in the kingdom following the king himself. A particular example of this was shown when Glerigh Jason, the king, bestowed the title on the previously almost unknown Sezzlic Denk. His rise to fame within the kingdom as a protégé of the king was incredibly fast. Typically, though, the title is bestowed upon those with a degree of authority and power within the kingdom.
Civic, Military, Not Commissioned


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