A leader of a Yen Sha Rish. While all members of a Rish are equal, sometimes a Manth is appointed from a Rish to speak for them on various occasions.


A Manth is generally one of the respected elders of a Rish. They have the respect and interests of the Rish at heart. Often times a Manth ius well spoken and charismatic, able to argue for what is best for the Rish.  

Respecful term

While a Manth can be an offical appointed position to specifically look after the interests of a Rish. The term is also used as a form of address that means respected elder. So the elderly are often refered with the prefix Manth. This some times makes it hard to determine if someone is a appointed Manth or just being offered the due repect of an elder.


A Manth is appointed when the need calls for one. A manth is required to look after the best interests of the Rish. Some times this is a formal process where someone is nominated to be a Manth. Sometimes the term is used as a term of respect. One might suggest that you send you best Manth to the meeting. Therefore anyone attending the meeting is a Manth whether or not they were offically appointed. The lack of formality sometimes makes the concept hard to grasp for outsiders.


A Manth is appointed whenever the need for one arrises. Thus a Manth might fill all different kinds of roles. The Rish might appoint a Manth to escort there goods to market and negotiate with the merchants for the best price. The Manth might be appointed to negotiate where the new Floos of the Rish might go. Additionally, some of the larger irrigation systems supply mulitple Rishes and the Rishes might have a Manth Council to determine the best courses of action for the village.
Source of Authority
The People of the Rish

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