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Eli Hunt

A respected combatant of the 1st Federation Civil War, and the victor of many battles

First Captain Eli Markus Hunt (a.k.a. Oberyn's Shield)

A respectable man, in a rough position, who did his duty as any member of our Union must.
Fuck that, the bastard supported a fascist regime, he doesn't deserve an ounce of our respect. Do you want a hero to look up to? Choose someone like Bradley Horne, or Elaine Kyra, not Eli Hunt.
— Unknown Federation Citizens, Circa 4627AC
Eli Markus Hunt was a Pelen-Federation naval officer of the Federation Interstellar Navy. He is most notable for aligning himself with the Oberynites during the 1st Federation Civil War and serving as a captain in the Oberynite Federation Navy. Hunt commanded the 14G Avalon Class Battlecrusier FNS Opportunity. He would be killed during the Liberation of Serdica, by his fellow Oberynite and former First Officer Karina Salin, who was seeking to gain favor with the Andisiens, as their victory had become all but assured.   During the Civil War, Hunt garnered the nickname of "Oberyn's Shield", as the Opportunity frequently was tasked with shadowing Michael Oberyn's primary transport vessel the Zalix. In addition, Hunt served as a member of the Federation's Presidential Security Organisation by Oberyn's personnel request, placing him as a key actor in all facets of Oberyn's defence during the war. Hunt also developed a rivalry with the famed Andisien Captain Bradley Horne, with the two often fighting against one another.
Eli Hunt was born on the planet Obadin in the Peleus Sector of the Federation of Anfieden and Allied Planets in 3414AC. Born into a relatively poor family, and to a migrant Apalachian father, Hunt had a difficult, though ultimately fairly unremarkable childhood. Thanks to many Federal government-run initiatives - many of which were implemented by later Oberynite leaders, Hunt and his siblings could go to school, and eat several meals daily. When Hunt was of age, he was even able to attend the Planetary Military Academy, where he began to focus on a Navy career.   During his time in the Military Academy, Hunt was seen as a capable lower officer and was groomed for a command role in the Navy Security Corp, as he was seen as an incredibly loyal officer. But it would be Admiral Matthias Papley who would notice the young Hunt, quickly becoming enamoured by his charisma with his fellow cadets and his general tactical skill. Despite finishing his training as a Security Corp Officer, Hunt would join Papley on the FNS Starc B. Mitchell as a Central Gunnery Officer, where he would be stationed on the bridge.
Hunt would serve aboard the Mitchell for multiple years and was eventually promoted to 2nd Officer aboard the vessel. While the ship saw limited combat, Hunt proved himself as a capable leader and a fast learner. In nearly every battle simulation the Starc B. Mitchell undertook, Hunt and the crew under his command performed the best. He was later promoted to 1st Officer, following the promotion of the previous officer, under the personal recommendation of Papley.   In 3464AC, following the Golova Declaration, Hunt, Papley, and the vast majority of their fleet would declare their loyalty to the Oberynites, seeing them as the legitimate, democratically elected government of the Federation. Hunt would participate in several early major battles of the war, including the Battle of Sela, and succeeded in making a name for himself. In recognition of his achievements, he was granted command over the FNS Opportunity, after its previous Captain unsuccessfully attempted to mutiny to the Andisiens.
The Oberynite President, Michael Oberyn soon became aware of Hunt, and his accomplishments, which only grew as the Captain of the Opportunity. Oberyn would ask Hunt to join the Presidential Security Organisation. Hunt would be instated as a leader in the organisation, while still holding his Naval rank, a first in Federation history. Throughout the remaining years of the war, the Opportunity, under the command of Hunt, would constantly shadow Oberyn and his ship, responding to numerous threats that arose, including attacks by the FNS Enduring, and Captain Bradley Horne.
Hunt and the Opportunity would be heavily involved in the final battle of the Civil War, the Liberation of Serdica. Having joined the Oberynite Navy for the battle, the Opportunity would be heavily damaged by the Andisiens, forcing Hunt and his remaining crew to abandon the ship. While on the surface of Serdica, Hunt would be shot and killed by Karina Salin - who had previously served as his First Officer, while attempting to rendezvous with her. Salin would eventually be executed by Andisien forces under the command of Bradley Horne.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Presidential Security Commanding Officer
  • Captain | FNS Opportunity
  • 1st Officer | FNS Starc B. Mitchell (Fmr.)
  • 2nd Officer | FNS Starc B. Mitchell (Fmr.)
  • Central Gunnery Officer | FNS Starc B. Mitchell (Fmr.)
  • (Navy) Officer Cadet (Fmr.)
  • Date of Birth
    23 September, 3414AC
    Date of Death
    6 August, 3469AC
    3414 AC 3469 AC 55 years old
    Obadin, Peleus, Federation
    Place of Death
    Aligned Organization


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