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FNS Enduring

The Most Famous Ship of the Andisien Navy, and the 1st Federation Civil War

The Federation Navy Ship Enduring (FIN 1104) formerly the Andisien Federation Naval Ship Enduring (ANF 12) was a 1st Generation Elissa Andis Class Heavy Battlecruiser of the Federation Navy during the 35th and 36th centuries. It was most notable for the role it played during the 1st Federation Civil War, where it served with Andisien forces against the Oberynites.   Enduring was one of 17 advanced naval warships commissioned by the Federation Navy without the authority of the Federation Federal Government by Naval Chief of Staff Amy Linkin. It was the first of the Elissa Andis class of Heavy Battlecruiser, named for Aradio Andis' daughter Elissa Andis, the execution of whom sparked the 1st Federation Civil War.   During its tenure in the Andisien and later the Federation Navy, Enduring was commanded by 3 separate captains, though became most famous under Captain Bradley Horne, who held captaincy over the vessel from 3465 to 3514. Under Horne's command, Enduring engaged in a ferocious guerrilla war with Oberynite naval forces. Some of the Oberynites worst defeats were suffered at the hands of Enduring, often without the support of additional Andisien ships. During this period, Enduring claimed 27 warships as direct kills - including 3 battleships, not to mention the dozens more that were damaged, as well as numerous transports. Hit and run attacks became Horne's primary weapon, and the ship was feared all across Federation Space.   After the Civil War, Enduring served in the reborn Federation Navy, with Horne continuing his command until his retirement from military service in 3514. 8 years later, under the command of Captain Alex Jonas, Enduring would be destroyed while responding to the distress signal of the massive passenger vessel Great Goldaria under attack by a large group of pirates. Great Goldaria managed to escape, only after Enduring put itself between the ship and the pirates, exchanging fire until it was destroyed with all hands.   All members of the crew were given full military honours after their deaths. The funeral was attended by hundreds of former crew members, including Horne - who spoke at the funeral. The final crew of the Enduring, as well as most of its former members, would be given the Federation Naval Medal of Valour for their service, along with numerous other accolades. The name Enduring was retired by the Federation Navy in recognition of the ship's accomplishments.  

Service History



  The initial construction of Enduring began in late 3460, in the aftermath of the Andis Revolt. It was ordered by the then Naval Chief of Staff Amy Linkin, who had failed to gain the necessary permission from the Federation Federal Government. Alongside 16 other vessels, Enduring was privately funded nearly entirely by Praven Reznik - a Moneyyan-Jeraci nationalist, who desired a weakened Federation. The vessel was constructed by Jaydei Aerospace Industries & Manufacturing at a secret shipyard on Juleir. Everyone who knew of the ship's construction was vetted by naval officials, and sworn to complete secrecy.   Enduring was the first of a class of new ships, designed earlier in 3455 but never put into construction. Originally, this class was to be named after Frank Crowley - a notable Federation naval officer, but the execution of the 27-year-old Elissa Andis saw the class renamed. This battlecruiser class would   The ship was completed by the beginning of 3464, without any serious issues or problems during the construction period. A crew of 3,446 Andisien supporters were assembled before the official launching of the vessel, led by Bradley Horne. While around half of these supporters were veterans of the Federation Navy, the other half had barely any experience. Despite their lack of the regular training given to naval personnel, these supporters had no lack of motivation and were all quick studies aboard the Enduring.  

Maiden Voyage

  With her construction complete and a full crew, Enduring was prepared to set off on its first voyage. Which saw the ship escort Senator Benjamin Picket - the de-facto leader of the Andisien cause, to Golova, where he was to sign the Golova declaration. The presence of Enduring - as well as several other friendly naval vessels, served to greatly strengthen the declaration among both Golova's populace, as well as among the delegates assembled.   The presence of Enduring also shocked the Oberynites, who had not yet expected the Andisiens to field any significant naval force. Enduring signalled that they had been preparing for the civil war for years, and many other Federation Naval warships would soon join the Andisien cause.

1st Federation Civil War

For the 1st year of the 1st Federation Civil War, Enduring served alongside the rest of the Andisien Navy. It quickly became the spearhead of the Andisien Navy, and helped win several decisive engagements against loyalist elements of the Federation Navy.



Weaponry & Armor



Federation Navy Ship
Creation Date
March, 3464
Destruction Date
October, 3522
Owning Organization
29m (At Tallest Point)
1622km/h (Cruising Speed) 18ly/s (Light Speed)
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
3,100 Additional Passengers

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