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Moskova's Monarchy

Work in progress!
“It is not difficult to rule Moskova , but it is useless!"
— Prince Boris
  Moskova's Monarchy or Royalty includes all the members of Moskova's Goverment and all its organizations and ranks, such as the Tsar of Moskova, the Boyar Court and the Army. The dynasty that currently leads Moskova's Royalty is the Grosnik Dynasty.   This royalty is well known aroud the world, not just because of their huge power as they control a large portion of territory and lots of fortune, but also because of the extravagant manners of some members.  

The High Monarchy

Grosnik Dynasty Emblem by Gege16
The High Monarchy comprises the higher ranks of the Empire's Goverment, basically the Tsar of Moskova, the Tsaristsa, the Tsarevich and their inheritors, but it is also common to include their counselors and advicers. The leadership of the High Monarchy is usually held in hands of a single family, the current dynasty in charge. During the events of Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars, the dynasty in charge is the Grosnik Dynasty.   The High Monarchy used to be a more democratic institution based in Nodvragoda centuries ago, but nowadays is based in Ulán Shang Kov and has a more authoritarian flavour. The maximum authority of the High Monarchy, the Tsar, is also the one of the Empire itself and is considrerd a child of Sun and the most powerful human.

The Court

The Royal Court (Duma) is part of the of the Royalty and its position is lower than the High Monarchy's one. It is integrated by Boyars. The role of the Royal Court is to seve as a Parliment, to collect tribute and taxes, and also propose and revise laws. During the times of the Republic of Nodvragoda, the Duma was formed by senators chosen by the people in a direct democratic system. Until the reign of Prince Vasili III, the Court had a more active role in the Goverment.
However, since the monarchy became more authoritarian at Ivar's rising as Tsar , the Court decreased it actual poilitical role and ended becoming more like gossip organization, since its members began to get more extravagant manners for the sake of bragging the, and kept earning money without not doing too much. This situation made many people start to consider the Court and the Monarchy itself more as a bunch of corrupts.    

Residences and Palaces

Besides the Royal Palace, the Royalty also owns several states in which their member are permanently based or at least are used as summer residences. Within the Kremlin's walls in Ulán Shang Kov, there are several states occupied by the members of the Court, but there are also other states located outside the Kremlin and even outside the Capital. One of those states is the Kolomnen wooden Palace located in the countryside of Ulán Shang Kov which is also surrounded by a residential complex used by potential wives of the Tsar during the mating casting. The Kolomnem Palace is used as an official summer residence for the Tsar and his family.

"С нами солнце! " (S nami Solnste) English: The Sun is With us!

Government, Leadership
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Moskovar Royalty, Bunch of Corrupts
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Alchnos't 's sapphire, Prizrak Mirror.

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Cover image: by Wolrd Anvil Team
Character flag image: Flag of Moskova by Gege16 through FakeFlah & PicsArt

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