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City Councel Traidir


The Mayor is at the head of this organization. Under him are the council members, they are the once who are making decisions about the citizens inside their city. But they are not all powerful they need to listen to the Court of the Dragon King.  


It sometimes looks like an absolute monarchy with the Mayor as king. Most often the council needs to be reminded that they are just a local government body, that only need to act in the best interest of Traidir.  

Public Agenda

They need to help the citizens of Traidir, protect them and provide them with jobs.  


They have a vault loaded with Golden and Silver Acorns. Which are provided by generous donations from the wealthy citizens inside Traidir. The council itself exist out of 9 members, this so that there is always a tiebreaker.  


The City hall and its council is build after Traidir got its city status from the Secretary of the Dragon King. This was right after the end of the Era of War.  

Foreign Relations

The city needs to provide

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Governmental, Department
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Economic System


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This is not something new, this is the normal currency inside Mirror World. There are four different Acorn types. Gold, Silver, Electrum and Copper. People can earn Acorns by working, and they need to pay with Acorns for everything and of course there are taxes.  
Parent Organization
Related Traditions
Related Species

Local law inforcement

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