Society of Wizards and Other Related Demographics

S.W.O.R.D... HA! ...oh yes.... *chuckle*, Til and Val are rather proud of that little accomplishment. Irks some of them to no end, the fact that we managed to get the Fae to recognize a global association of spell casters with a name that can be abbreviated as a "barbaric weapon."
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens.
    First, I think we can all agree that while we will have to use that ridiculous name on Official correspondences on behalf of our association, we are all smart enough to be able to find a work around. Try as often as possible to use personal correspondence. And for Heaven's sake, stop using it internally.   Now moving on, I know that we have representatives from at least 3 of the Bardic colleges, several Wizarding schools, and 2 High Clerics here today, so let us move on to discuss the allocation of gems from the dwarves, I have noticed that......  
Not all casters are associated with S.W.O.R.D, as a matter of fact, while they are by far the biggest and farthest reaching organized group of spell casters, one could argue that they tend to inflate their own importance in the world. Maybe its because many of them are noble-born or from the families of wealthy merchants. Maybe its because a great many of them never leave the safety of their Cathedrals and Colleges. Mostly, thought, I think its because a great many of them have never had the utterly humiliating experience of being woken up in their private and heavily warded personal sanctum by a half-ton minotaur gently shaking their shoulder, explaining that the child clutching their leg has lost its kitten and kindly asking for help finding it.   S.W.O.R.D has one some good though helping establish safe trading roads. Setting up communication networks that are somewhat faster and occasionally more reliable than carrier pigeons. Providing safe-ish places of training for those able to afford their fees that show some talent for magical arts. They can even boast that out of the 343 archmages recognized since the fall of The Storm Giant Empire, a whopping 10 came from their Society. They do offer quite a bit of help to the spell casters of small towns also, so I guess they aren't all useless bureaucrats.


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