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Crusader Temple

The lone remaining branch of the Lorechanters, The Temple of the Gafhi (also known as the Crusader Temple) is a venerable organization, dating back to the reign of the first Ras Gafhi. One of the only permanent institutions in Harhoun that has not been subsumed by Yaner's government and the Gafhi Serafi, the Crusader Temple has found itself in precarious straits at times.


Headquartered in central Harhoun near the fort, the Crusader Temple has no other permanent temples, and only a scattering of lesser shrines in Thaner villages along the riverbanks to the south. Nevertheless, it is recognized as the legitimate temple of all believers of The Legend in Agbithan Gafhi. Many consider it the only legitimate temple for all Thaner believers, as the so called Exile Temple of the Makuubi lands does not fulfill many of the conditions required to be a Temple of the Lorechanters.


As a constituent temple of the Lorechanters, the Temple of the Gafhi is led by a Learned Voice, assisted by a few of the Wise in History. The archdeacons are often dispatched to smaller settlements, and both deacons and archdeacons frequently serve in Exile Companies and the Gafhi Serafi as military chaplains.


As the Exile Temple is not recognized as a temple by the Crusaders, the Crusader Temple usually attempt to integrate any would-be priests that arrive with the various exile companies. This not only connects new exile companies to the faithful in the province, but also gives the temple eyes and ears across the region.


Although a constituent temple, due to the lack of a Monastery of the Holy Mount or a recognized Voice of the Mountain, the Learned Voice in Harhoun is effectively the highest authority of the Lorechanters.

Public Agenda

The Temple of the Gafhi has as its foremost goal the maintaining of legend lore. They also officiate weddings and other public events, and regulate public morality. As most of the rest of the civil instituations in crusader land have come to be subsumed by the Gafhi Serafi, the Temple of the Gafhi has become a guardian of civil society.

Religious, Temple
Parent Organization
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