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The Lorechanters

"History will vindicate us yet."

A diminished order, the Lorechanters of Legend have lost their sacred mountain, most of their followers, and their leadership structure. The very fabric of their faith in the Legend has likewise been damaged, and some who in the past might have followed the Legend now believe that the appearance of Inkrimane has disproved it.


The Lorechanters are divided into regional temples, though right now the only recognized temple is the Temple of Harhoun (often referred to as the "Crusader Temple"). Temples are led by a Temare Dimits (Learned Voice), with the Tariki Mihuri (Wise in History) below them. Below them are archdeacons and deacons, with deacons being the lowest rung of official Lorechanter clergy. Generally, the Learned Voice leads the regional temple, with a Wise in History assists the Learned Voice or leads smaller temples in the area. A small village might only be served by an archdeacon or a deacon.


Before it was destroyed by the dragon, all Lorechanter temples recognized the Monastery of the Holy Mountain as the original order and the superior temple, and the leader of the Holy Mountain as the leader of all who put their faith in the Legend. This Terara Dimits (Voice of the Mountain) was the highest Lorechanter authority. However, with the monastery abandoned, there is no Terara Dimits and thus no supreme leader of all Lorechanters.


With the calamity that befell the Thaner realms 70 years ago, the Lorechanters divided into two rough camps. One camp was the Conquered Chant, which believed that the dragon was ultimately, a reflection of the Legend. As Lorechanters had rarely in the past sought to reverse a change they had been unable to stop, the logical answer seemed to be to accept the dragon, even though the dragon had destroyed the Thaner order and the Monastery of the Holy Mountain.


The Correcting Chant took a different view. In their view, the dragon was not part of the legend, but rather its enemy. Rather than merely being doom to the Thaner, the dragon was an entity outside history, and outside the natural passage of events. Adherents of the Correcting Chant thus believe that their task is to restore the Legend to its natural place by removing the dragon so that history may once more take its intended path.


The Correcting Chant has won out in crusader land, and the Conquering Chant is treated as a defeatist and traitorous heresy. With few known adherents, it survives in the diaspora and possibly in the lands ruled by the dragon-queen herself.

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