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Pragmatics' Experts Circle

This council includes experts from each field of work and knowledge, and from each settlement in Bruma. Traditionally the new members where chosen by the Circle, from the group of pragmatic elders that felt strong enough to continue their work. With time, they started to welcome a few younger people in the group, when they were devoted to their respective jobs and have an outstanding impact in that field. They would be carefully watched to make sure that they had the experience and maturity enough.   With time, the Circle started to take suggestions from the community and even some odd people nominating themselves; of course those cases would also be carefully evaluated.


They follow (and sometimes dictate) the rules of the Pragmatic.

Public Agenda

Pragmatics rarely need guidance, they follow the rules (usually without even thinking much about it) and live efficient, balanced lives. But several towns in Bruma are 100% pragmatic, and the rest hold the group in high esteem, which makes them the ones to take care of problems and lead the search for improvement.   The circle of experts supervise the research, construction and -in the fully pragmatic towns-, the resources distribution and the work of the law enforcers. They discuss all those matters to try to prevent progress in one area from causing harm in others, but they don't need to interfere often.   It's only in case complex changes or when something goes wrong than their experience is needed.

Always remember. Never cling to the past.

Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The elder (original name)
Some people still call them elders
Related Traditions
Geographic Distribution
The circle that leads most of the pragmatics includes members of every location through Bruma Forest; they use technology for communication and magic to meet when that's necessary.
A few isolated towns in Bruma Forest have their own circle of experts, identified by the settlement's name.
In general, they don't have one. When they pursue a goal from a specific knowledge field, the person/people with most experience in that area take the lead.


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