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Pragmatic's wedding

In the Pragmatic culture, everyone's free to choose their role, yet there are several responsibilities that are not allowed to everyone.   Each field has different requirements and methods to evaluate the prospects, usually stated by all the elders with experience in the area, or a team selected —or conformed— by the people that will be affected by their work.   Along with mentors and the Experts , the couples that will be allowed to form families are carefully evaluated since that great responsibility will only be theirs.   Naturally, couples or other kind of relations that are based in love and any of their expressions are nobody's business, but if you are raising children, it affects the whole society and pragmatics take that quite seriously. To them, bad parenting is the only offense greater that selfishness and laziness, and they avoid this situation the best they can.   Being accepted as a suitable parent and even more so, an option for adoptive parent, is a great honor and a huge responsibility, having found a person to share that experience and a life, is a real blessing.   The requirements sometimes vary according to the settlement where they live, but mostly are determined by the pragmatic beliefs. A long term relation is usually required, but that's never an issue since every couple take their time before even considering marriage.


Depending on the specific settlement, there may be a group destined to give the marriage permission to the couple, or they may go to and specific elder to ask for it. Usually is this group or individual who states the order of the steps.   Sometimes the contract must be redacted and revised in the previous season, or a specific number of days, before they are asked to evaluate the couple's aptitude for parenting, then the judge(s) will consider both the contract and the relationship and allow it or know. In other cases, they do the evaluation first and help to redact the contract. In some rare cases, they will evaluate the couple, wait for them to write a contract and either approve it or asked them to redact a new one.   In either case it may be a ceremony in which the contract is read to relatives, friends or all the community.
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