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One of the few cultures in Ogha that hasn't expanded all over the world, can be found (in different proportions) in every human settlement on the Bruma Forest and some other areas of The Glacial.   Most pragmatics don't see any need of travel or move out, and they don't teach their ways to anyone who isn't asking. Their rules may feel too complex for other people, and not everyone can live all their lives basing all their decisions and actions on a completely practical way.   For those reasons, the culture hasn't been adopted by many new adepts or groups, even when they are admired by them. At the same time, while each of those raised in pragmatism will apply it different, none of them abandon it completely.   The city of Bruma, in particular, it's mostly inhabited by pragmatics.


Shared customary codes and values

Because the law in Ogha is not as much about obligations and prohibitions as it is about intended results, most cultures have their own approach to get those results, and Law Enforcers are occasionally asked to intervene when said approaches clash.   Pragmatic's interpretations of the law never clash with anyone else's. They have a complex set of rules to apply the laws to different circumstances, and a system to decide when to take the suggestions of others instead.

Common Dress code

Clothes serve one purpose: protection from the environment. Yes, skin does it's best, but the world is full of dangers; the cold being the most obvious of all, but not the worst. And there are several ways to achieve that, but pragmatics will go for the one that won't interfere with their acitivities and is easier to obtain or create.   They don't wear any decorative items, and the majority of them will prefer dark colors and materials that are easy to clean and maintain.


Beauty Ideals

Just like everyone in Ogha, they are willing to understand that beauty is relative and not everyone has the same taste. While most of them seem to prefer rustic patterns in objects and natural looks in people, they won't usually call those things beautiful, or contemplate them much.   In General, they are more likely to see beauty in tools, art that reveals history, trees and human long-lasting behaviors; at the same time, they are not likely to look twice at appearances, gems, one time actions or weather.

Gender Ideals

Unlike most oghenses, the people who takes part of this culture consider that gender may affect the interests and behaviors of a person.   It's expected that males pursue careers of less responsibility and relaxed schedules where physical strength is required and risks must be taken all the time. Women will probably be more capable protecting others and taking difficult decisions, in jobs that require precision or emotional endurance.   At home, female will probably take care of the administration of resources and controlling that things are where they should be and everything is done right and on time, while men are in charge of cleaning and repairing only when needed. Mom establishes rules and makes sure that the children understand them, teaching them morals on the way. Dad watches that everyone is safe and healthy.   While that's the common distribution of tasks, children are exposed to all the options and nobody bats an eye if someone shows skills that don't fit with the standard. What matters is that everyone is comfortable and useful.
Customary Codes
Rules to apply the law
- Registering the name of the newborn
- First days(coming of Age)
- Wedding aka Redaction and signing of the marriage contract
- "Burying" in the Fire Pit (funerary)
Immemorial Plane
  Map designed by Escritora Novata, using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator.

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Joseph Wojkowski
10 Aug, 2022 14:14

In my Crusader Kings 3 game, I founded a religion based on Pragmatism. I approve of this culture.

17 Aug, 2022 22:04

Oh, interesting. Thanks for reading :)