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The Dragons

The Dragons are a resistance movement formed in Lathear, the largest city of Baitha in 1213. Their formation was triggered, when Zairah und her (then) friend Antheos watched their own village burned to the ground and all the people killed or captured without being able to do anything, when Iohan and his men raided the serbaith villages in the Dragon's Ridge. That day, Zairah's sister also died, but she gave her necklace with a small, wooden carved dragon pendant before she passed away and had her promise to find the raiders and bring them to justice.   Zairah correctly guessed that their attackers were building an army and would come back after the winter to attack the rest of Baitha, so she convinced Antheos to come to Lathear with her to find allies and fight back. There, they manage to rally a decent amount of people to their cause, and when Iohan's troops finally did attack, they put up a decent fight but were defeated. While many of them were killed or captured, including their previous leaders, Zairah and Antheos, some of them managed to escape and hide out in a cabin deep in the Dark Forest, where they stayed hidden, keeping tabs on what was going on in the world around them.   In 1217, Zairah, Eleona, Mireanda and Jon stumbled upon them on their way to confront Iohan, but they left soon after. Zairah returned there after the failed mission, but when they noticed an army marching west through the Dark Forest, they decided to hurry to Angeleor to help out Jon and his army against Iohan's troops. After the battle, those left of the Dragons decided to break up the group, since it was no longer needed. Even though they didn't have the greatest impact in general, the people of Lathear and the whole of Baitha will remember them as the brave people who attempted to defend their home from an invasion.
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