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The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon is the leader of the baithan resistance movement called the Dragons. When they were founded, the initial five members, Zairah and Antheos and the three Lathean baker's sons Sabian, Kirail und Zadeas, decided to use aliases rather than their real names when referring to each other publically. Because of her black hair and eyes and her dragon pendant, they started to call Zairah the Black Dragon, a name by which she quickly became known by all across Lathear.   While she kept proudly carrying her green-feathered arrows and hunting bow, so she could be identified as a serbaith huntress, her real name was indeed known by hardly anyone. As a result, the mysterious young huntress by the alias of the Black Dragon who warned of an impending attack from some western army and rallied people to her cause of defending Baitha became something of a legend. Because of that and her great leadership, many joined the Dragons.   Eventually, the battle she'd been warning the people about, did come, but the Dragons were defeated and Lathear was annexed by the enemy. The Black Dragon was captured by Iohan, but her alias evolved into meaning any kind of resistance leader willing to fight for the freedom of their home. Among the surviving Dragons, the Black Dragon became the title reserved for their leader and was reassigned to Sabian, but when Zairah came back to them permanently, he voluntarily stepped down and she became the Black Dragon once again.   When the Dragons arrived in Angeleor to support Eleonis and its allies in the second battle of the Angeleor fields, Jon decided to have a breastplate and spaulders made for her, which was, suiting her title, blackened, solidifying her alias among the armies of the western kingdoms as well, causing it to live on there as well as in Lathear, even after the disbanding of the Dragons.
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