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Healers of Corrigenda

Eldrick made his way quickly over to the house of healing.  Careful to pay attention to his surroundings this time so as not to run over anyone.  Entering the infirmary, the hustle and bustle inside was a mass of confusion.  Looking about he tried to get the attention of a passing healer.  After about five minutes he finally succeeded.    "What is going on?  Is there anything I can do to help?  My master sent me to learn more about healing and it looks like you could use the help."    "Come with me.  There was an accident at the mill and we have a number of wounded.  It's mostly stitching up and setting bones.  An extra pair of hands to hold things in place or people down will be very beneficial at the moment."  The young healer was rushing about gathering splinting material, thread, and needles.  Handing supplies to Eldrick as he went.  Entering the room with the injured, Eldrick was hit with a wave of pain so palpable it almost knocked him over.      Placing his bundles on the empty rolling cart he let his senses flow over the mass injured.  Gathering a sense of the life energies of those within the room.  Noticing the fading energies from the most seriously injured, though a couple of them didn't look to be in as bad of shape as the ones the healers were currently attending to.    "Over here, or you are going to lose her," Eldrick called rushing to the lady whose life energies were the lowest.    "She isn't as bad as the others.  You were sent to learn, not interfere.  Now let us do our job of saving lives."  The healer's incredulous glance telling Eldrick to mind his own business.    Amarna, entering the room as the exchange was being made.  "Claire, I need you to attend to the lady Eldrick indicated was in danger.  Henry, I want a word with you NOW!"  She turned to leave the room and thought better of it.  "Henry, do you even know who Eldrick is? No of course not, otherwise you wouldn't have spoken to him like that." Her face flushed with anger, while daggers flew from her eyes. "He is the apprentice of Sergei the Druid. He can sense things most of us cannot. I wouldn't dismiss him or his perceptions." The spittle flying from her mouth, every word sharp enough to flay the hide of a dragon. Looking around she noticed the group of healers just standing in shock at the invictiveness of her tone. "Are we here to stand around gawking or do we have people who need our help. Back to work!"
— excerpt from Hope by SiobhantheWriter 


The Healers of Corrigenda have a very loose structure, in such they all agree that Amarna is the head of the healers since she was the one to have trained them. Each healer has sovereign reign within their own halls, only calling back to Amarna if they have a condition they need help with.   The students within the House of Healing are subject to the lectures and instructions of Amarna and her chosen assistants.


Those who are members of the healers look upon the world with concern. There are so many who need their help. Their primary function is to help others recover from wounds and accidents.   They believe that everyone is deserving of their assistance regardless of class, status, or position. Even when faced with someone they consider an enemy if that person were to be injured the healer would put aside their personal feelings and help the injured indiviual. If they cannot do so they will find someone else to care for them and thus fulfill their oath to help those in need.


The Healers of Corrigenda organization is only about forty years old and still in its infancy compared to the monarchs of the world. This does not mean they don't hold sway over those royal institutions in the fact that they can withhold services until the last minute, reminding the those that their position is sacrosanct. Healers have been known to remove themselves from royal houses and set up clinics in cities when the nobility have shown to not care about those beneath them.

Do no harm

Founding Date
1161 OTO
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
medic, herb woman/man, hedgehealer
Related Species
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Character flag image: by Amoria by Azgaar


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