House of Healing

The House of Healing stood in the rear of the courtyard, of the Royal Palace of Herigmark, in the town of Herigberg . The stone-walled lower floor faded into the wooden upper floor, interspersed with small windows that could be opened to allow for airflow through the building. When the House of Healing was first constructed, its original purpose was as barracks to house the troops in the "war of three kingdoms".   Once Sigmund convinced the three kingdoms to cease their hostilities and return to the peace they had originally enjoyed the barracks, was converted into the House of Healing. Wounded from all sides of the war were brought here to be tended. The Kingdom of Herigmark became known for the healers who studied in the house of healing.
The first thing anyone practicing healing must do is wash. There is no reason to bring the outside inside and I prefer to keep this house clean.
— Amarna head healer and royal physician at the House of Healing in Herigberg 1201 OTO

Purpose / Function

The primary purpose of the House of Healing is both an educational facility for healers and to attend to the wounded.  Those who travel to the house of healing from other settlements usually return to their hometowns to practice the skills they trained in.


The House of Healing has three different entrances. The main entrance for those who can walk in, and bring stretchers through.  A side entrance for the healers to enter the building and leave the outside, outside, attached to the side entrance is a washing room where the healer clean themselves before seeing to the infirm.  The final entrance is designed for larger creatures such as Dragons and livestock.

The House of Healing Rules:

1) Cleanliness is important: wash everything when you are done with it. 2) Leave the Outside, outside:  remove your dirty boots and jacket and wash. 3) Everyone is treated equally under the knife: injuries are tended by severity not personal preference
Founding Date
695 OTO
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