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Lady Amarna , of the House of Healing

Head of the House of Healing  
Blah blah blah... Everyone has an an excuse. I don't want excuses I want answers and results.
— Amarna Head of the House of Healing

Personal History:

  Amarna and her twin sister, Maelin, were born in the small mining town of Daerville. After several mine accidents reduced the number of people in the community, Amarna chose to search out training in healing. Her sister tagged along as her betrothed was one of the people who died in the last cave-in.   While travelling in search of training they met a young journeyman druid on his year of travel. Both became smitten with him but Maelin did not persue him as she was still grieving the loss of her love and Amarna had never known the joy of having someone that close. Due to his position he was forbidden to marry. By the time Amarna and this druid found each other again he was married with a small family of his own.   Amarna and Maelin found a cantankerous old Leprechaun by the name of Amaryliss in the fae town of Eleth Vinland. The twins set about learning all they could about healing from Amaryliss. They spent many years there learning when news came that Daerville was no longer there. A massive rockslide had buried the town killing everyone there. Amarna and Maelin were the sole survivors from the town.   With nowhere to return to with their knowledge, Maelin stopped learning and chose to settle down with someone who had caught her fancy while she was training. Amarna chose to continue her studies. She knew there would be other such towns in need of skilled healers throughout all of Corrigenda. With this knowledge and her training she travelled the realms looking for sponsorship. She was well aware that setting up a hospital and training new healers would take resources she didn't have.   When she reached Herigberg, she sought a meeting with King Daividh. The Queen was having a difficult labour and the midwives were afraid she and her baby wouldn't survive. Hearing this Amarna pushed her way into the birthing chamber, after following the midwife. When the midwives complained she told them she was a fully trained physician, and if they wanted to save the lives of the mother and child they had better do what she said. Opening her bag she removed the tools she would need and sterilized them with alcohol since she didn't have time to boil them. Cutting into the Queen, she extracted the young prince from his mother. The midwives all panicked and reported this "atrocity" to the King. When the King arrived at the birthing chamber expecting to find his wife and child dead he was surprised to see they were both in fine health. He offered Amarna anything she wanted for saving his family. All she asked for was a place to set up her House of Healing and the freedom to run it as she saw fit.   The King granted her request and pledged to finance it on the condition that she became the Royal Physician. Amarna agreed.   The House of Healing was a former barracks behind the Palace and needed work. The King hired the craftsmen to make the neccessary repairs and alterations to Amarna's specifications. It has been functioning in its current iteration for the last thirty years. Amarna has trained hundreds of healers there from all over Corrigenda. Of all those who trained, only two have decided to remain in the House of Healing to continue the tradition. Over the years Amarna has altered the agreement with Daividh to ensure that upon her death the House of Healing continues.

It was during this time that she was reunited with Sergei, whom she has carried a candle for since their initial meeting. She never found anyone else who set her heart aflutter as he did. They have remained friends though she would have preferred a different outcome. After his wife died Amarna thought she had a chance once he finished his grieving, but that was not to be. Sergei hid behind his duty to his order.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Amarna is CisHet


Amarna was initially trained in herbalism by her mother. When this proved to be ineffective for the mining accidents, Amarna went is search of an actual physician to train under. She spent two years travelling before she met Amaryllis. When they met Amarna was trying to help a centaur with a broken leg. Amaryliss had crept up behind her and watched over her shoulder. Maelin was the first to notice the leprechaun and let out a scream.   Amarna turned to look at her sister and caught sight of Amaryliss. Amaryliss nodded to the sisters and invited them to come to her home for training. She asked Petal to fetch some litter bearers to carry the centaur back to the village.   Over the years of training with Amaryliss, Amarna and Maelin learned their mentor was a harsh taskmaster. Maelin was unable to deal with grueling schedule that was set. Amarna refused to give up.
Current Status
Running the House of Healing as both Head Healer and Educationer
Current Location
Current Residence
Royal Palace of Herigmark
Long salt and pepper hair which she keeps tied back in braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Smooth, clear and shiny, dark skinned
140 lbs

Character Portrait image: Amarna by Brianna Siobhan Healey


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