Shayshen (Shai-zhen)

The Shayshen, are the inhabitants of Shay. They are the masters of working stone; some even believe they have learned how to melt the stone and reshape it while it is in a semi-liquid form. Though they are master stoneworkers they have chosen to live in homes which have been traditionally built for hundreds of years. These wooden structures are a sight to behold; crafted without the use of iron anywhere within.  
I find the Shayshen to be an odd people. They seem like Nymphs with their long hair and elaborate robes; yet they act like Dwarves with their work ethics. I really can't understand them.
— (give name of fae here) while travelling to find a lost mare.


  The Shayshen are particularly fond of rice and meat. In the last two hundred years the Shayshen have discovered a new delicacy in the form of the Paracore Spiders. After they are killed they are packed in barrels of salt. They have become an export souoght out by many of other lands.


Shared customary codes and values

The people of Shay, pride themselves on honour and tradition. They find it hard to go back on their word once given.

Common Etiquette rules

For the Shayshen turning down an offer of hospitality, is as bad as not offering hospitality to a weary traveller.

Common Dress code

They choose to dress in flowing robe like outfits. Francine while travelling saw these outfits and liked them so much that she adopted their style for herself. A particular aspect to their style of dress is the fact that everyone lets their hair grow. This in effect has given rise to many interesting and unique hairstyles.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Most partake in morning devotions, thanking the Eldritch for waking once again with the rising sun.

Common Taboos

Those who call Shay home consider the telling of falsehoods to be taboo; that is unless you are drinking.

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