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Fellowship of the Double Eclipse


Those in the Fellowship of the Double Eclipse expect the world as they no it to end on the next iteration. They have taken to trying to prepare the known civilizations nearest them for the inevitable destruction to come. They have kept the records of the Unending War and its cause. The land becoming barren has happened before and therefore humanity must be prepared for the next time.

Public Agenda

Stockpiling of food stuffs, and digging underground living spaces are the primary points they espouse since the end of the world is near.


Several underground installations throughout Corrigenda where they have begun stockpiling weapons and grain. The Fellowship has about a million followers all of whom are fanatical about the next double eclipse being the one to end society and the majority of life on Corrigenda.

Mythology & Lore

Old Dragon's Tail. tells of the times when there has been a double eclipse and how each time it seemed to become worse than the last. The Fellowship created a copy of the myth from the stories and legends revolving around the double eclipse.

Divine Origins

The Fellowship of the Double Eclipse has been around since 651 OTO when a great chasm split Gaullium during a double eclipse. This only served to prove the fact that a double eclipse would be the end of everything. Those who believe have travelled the lands gathering followers and building refuges for the faithful.   The Fellowship harkens back to the fact the Fae have been preparing for this since the Unending War, when they performed the ritual that resulted in The Crossing saving their kind from the predations of war. If humankind is to survive the next one they must be prepared to do likewise and have their own refuges built, stocked, and accessible.

Let the moons darken the realm

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