House of Acedia

"Our creed is to become a blade that strikes in the night." - Marianne
    House of Acedia is one of the nine great families; a sacred bloodline of demon slayers. This makes them a natural enemy to all demons and demonkind. Unlike the other great families, Acedia carries out this duty from the shadows. They have a main family for representation, while the branching families are kept a secret while they carry out their duties as demon hunters.   Should an ill fate falls upon the main family, a branch family will step in and ascertain the position as the new family head. Due to the heavy veil of secrecy not even the intelligence gathering network of the One Church have managed to unveil the identities of the branch families or how Acedia's demon slayers function.   The rituals followed by the current branch of Acedia were designed by Marianne Von Acedia over a millennia ago. The members of Acedia bloodline fight in the dark so that the realm may live in the light. Due to the lack of evidence from their duties as the demon slayer, the remaining eight great family often ridicule the House of Acedia, claiming that they are merely riding their past glory.   Charles Von Acedia is the current head of the main branch family.   The main branch of the family controls all publicly available assets of the family, and they do all the decisions that affect their lands and the realm with a full autonomy. Their wealth is immeasurable, mostly due to the fact that their economical politics have ensured that their export always outweighs the import.   Unlike in other great families, the members from the branching families live as ascetics outside of the society. Effectively, they lack the citizenship and no records exists within the One Church of their lives. As far as the realm is concerned, they don't exist. Effectively the branch families function as a contingency. No one knows why Marianne adopted the traditions that are currently followed by both the main and branch families of Acedia.   The main family protects the King's Road and takes good care of the prosperity of Crowald.   Meanwhile the branch families focus on protecting The Black Forest and hunting demons, often masquerading as Acedia's knights to assist The One Church inquisition in their hunts for demon worshipers.    

The Passage of Ring

  The Passage of Ring is the only way to obtain authority of the entire family, including the branching families. During the periods of time when there is no worthy ring bearer, the main and branch family remain divided.   However, when an individual who is accepted by the ring emerges, the branching families are drawn closer, allowing the new head of the family command both the day (main) and night (branches) of the bloodline, should they pass Marianne's trials. After the ring bearer dies, the branching families are once again divided from the main family.
Political, Family
Alternative Names
Bloodline of Acedia


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