Manedir's Council

Manedir's Council is legislative in the nation of caramiza, as well as in most larger towns. They are able to propose new laws and changes to existing ones as well as discuss and vote on laws that the senate or the regent or local governour have brought before them. They have a minor veto possibility over the local ruler and can even block certain laws by the Regent himself, demanding changes in specific areas.   The council in Bealuki is roughly to a third held by hereditary positions, another third bought through title and the last third voted by the people. Every five years a new council is sworn in during the Vow to the Bell.   Different ranks within: Voice (only three, leading the discours), Guide (experets in various topics) and Hand (everybody else) - as well as the special Liridian   Members of the council have to live exclusively in the Sunblessed District.   Originally the council is a concept for the local government. They do exist in other cities as well and usually are contributing to local laws and decisions together with the mayor or govenour. Due to the regent of Caramiza also being the de facto mayor of Bealuki, however, this dynamic directly led to the council being a body on national level.   The Whitesteel Inc has currently several representants within the council, having bought titles from poorer families. This has triggered a conversation about how much power a single organization should be allowed to hold. Currently, they are seen as roughly equivalent to a merchant's clan and granted to possibility to hold multiple seats.   Voted representatns are almost exclusively from within the city, even though the law allows any citizen of Caramiza to candidate for the Manedir's Council of Bealuki.   There is an exception, a Wunnekinners representant (and charismatic Draconic Wunnewalden Druids) from the Wunnewalden. They are working on establishing a set representant from each region within Caramiza to be voted on the council.   if a seat is vacant due to death or step downs or a seat is sold, they can only be officially placed when the next ceremony is held.
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