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The Shitwatchers have been around for thousands of years, in various forms, with one constant goal: prevent the continent of Koglodur from ruining things for the rest of the planet.   In its initial form, it was a loose alliance of Kogloduran dwarven and elven nations, which sought to remember the horrors caused by Urtohk the Earth-Render, even if the humans of Koglodur forgot, for the sake of preventing them - or similar disasters - from happening again. For over two thousand years, this alliance sought to deal with any threats too great for a single nation to defeat.   When the Nameless God appeared, however, even this alliance was unable to stop them, until allies came from the other continents, driven by prophecies ranging from the cryptic Sonnets of Sanodra to the straightforward "TRAVEL WEST AND KILL THE GOD YOU FIND, OR ALL WILL BE LOST" that the Lynirian Pantheon burned into a mountainside. With the Nameless God slain and their name erased from all memory, the alliance expanded to include the religious, and Koglodur got its current name, the dwarven word for "Shitstorm". The alliance jokingly called itself the "Shitwatchers".   From there, the Shitwatchers only expanded in scope: halflings and gnomes joined to defeat Jurrn the Joy-Thief, wizards and aristocrats joined to protect the ley-lines and still-existing artworks from the Giga-Dragons, and the tyranny of the Economagus caused merchants and politicians to begin to support the operation as well. These days, the Shitwatchers have become a global monstrosity of in-fighting and red tape, albeit one that can strike very quickly when necessary, like when the Nameless God was resurrected (Bob, a lich who had also planned to resurrect the Nameless God, was suspended from the Shitwatchers for 100 years as punishment).   The Shitwatcher currently has 3 "Matters of Growing Concern", the third-highest threat level (below "Act Quickly" and "THIS IS THE BIG ONE!"):
  • The Acid Tide, a slowly growing pool of acidic sea water caused by the Acid River.
  • The Game Master, a wizard whose unethical "games" have been known to destabilize entire countries.
  • Dungeon Burger, the business of Bob. Bob himself, of course, insists Dungeon Burger is not a threat to anyone.
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