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Hooded Lanterns

The fourth attempt to retake the city, this group, popularly known as the Hooded Lanterns, are the most successful. Instead of marching in and trying to take ground like a typical military assault on a city, they operate more like a guerilla war. They fight a war of attrition against the monsters and undead that live in The Haze. Utilizing this new strategy, they have taken more territory than any previous expedition, having wrested control of the Shepard's Gate and the Drakkenheim Garrison. While they have perhaps the most strategic position of all the factions, their forces are stretched thin and it is all they can do to hold what they have. They don't want to admit it, but they need outside help if they want to continue pursuing their goals of liberating the city, restoring law and order,  and placing a rightful heir on the throne of Drakkenheim.


The Hooded Lanterns are organized as a military force. In descending order, the ranks are as follows: Lord Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, and Private.

Public Agenda

The goals of the Hooded Lanterns are twofold. First is to drive out the monsters that infest the city, and second to restore the throne, and by extension the realm, of Westemar.


The Hooded Lanterns are one of only two factions to control a city gate giving them access to the Inner City. They also hold the Drakkenheim Garrison, a well fortified base of operations in the inner city. Of all the factions, they have the most intelligence on the Haze and the current conditions in the city. In addition, they maintain a network of hidden supply caches throughout the city.


The first three military expeditions to retake Drakkenheim met with complete failure. After the Westemar civil war ended with the deaths of all the members of the Von Drakken family, this fourth expedition was launched.

For the Crown!

Expedition, Military
Alternative Names
4th Provisional Expeditionary Force
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title

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