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Amethyst Academy

The Amethyst Academy is the only official organization for the education and training of mageborn, those individuals gifted with the ability to cast arcane magic. It is their responsibility to find and educate these children, lest they violate the Edicts of Lumen and become targets of the Brazen Legion and similar holy orders who hunt down Malfeasant Mages.

The Academy is also licensed to create and trade in magical items.


The Directorate set the goals and rules for the entire organization. Below them, the Archmages run the individual strongholds of the Amethyst Academy. The Masters train the newly arrive mageborn students, teaching them to harness their gifts. When they are ready, the students attain the title of Mage

Public Agenda

The Amethyst Academy's goal in Drakkenheim is to collect and study Delerium. They want to use it to create powerful magic and items.


Arcane spellcasting and magical items


Originally founded as a secret society during the time when the Faith of the Sacred Flame was purging all the mageborn it could find. They allied with friendly noble houses across the realms for self preservation and to fight back against the crusades. The Edicts of Lumen marked the official end of hostilities between the Amethyst Academy and the armies of the Faith, such as the Brazen Legion.

Through Study comes Mastery, and from Mastery, Power

Guild, Professional
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