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The Followers of the Falling Fire

A breakaway sect of the Faith of the Sacred Flame, the Followers of the Falling Fire believe in the divinely inspired prophecies of Lucretia Mathias. According to her, the meteor and its Delerium is sacred. Believers are encouraged to make the pilgrimage to the crater, where they participate in a secret ritual that gives them immunity to the effects of living in the Haze, if not from the creatures who also live within.
The clergy of the Faith of the Sacred Flame have declared Lucretia Mathias and her followers heretics, straining relations between them and their parent religion. Additionally rumor has it that not all who take the Sacrament of the Falling Fire survive the ordeal, and that Lucretia is a power hungry madwoman who has brain washed her followers into giving her all their worldly wealth. Her followers dismiss these allegations as a smear campaign orchestrated by those high within the Faith who fear the truth of Lucretia's prophecies.

Public Agenda

To convert as many as possible to their faith. While they welcome all new converts, they hope to bring in people with the political connections necessary to gain legitimacy as a true religion.


The rank and file members of this splinter sect have sold their possessions in order to fund their pilgrimage to Drakkenheim and take the Sacrament of the Falling Fire with Lucretia Mathias at the crater's edge. Anything beyond that is donated to this fledgling religion.


This faith is less than a decade old. Prompted by her visions, Lucretia Mathias journeyed into Drakkenheim to see the crater for herself. She claims to have been to the center and seen what lies within. When she returned, changed by her encounter and preaching a new interpretation of the Sacred Flame, the mainstream church declared her heretic and had her excommunicated. Undaunted, she wrote the "Testament of the Falling Fire" and led her new converts into the city.

Divine Origins

Lucretia Mathias was a seer and high ranking member of the Faith of the Sacred Flame. She prophesied the coming of the meteor, and after making a journey to the center of the crater, emerged with her new truth.

Tenets of Faith

  • Drakkenheim is a holy site
  • Converts should travel to Drakkenheim and take the Sacrament
  • Delerium is a sacred stone to be used in holy rituals
  • The world will soon perish in the Creeping Darkness and only those who have taken the Sacrament will survive
  • Material wealth holds no value, all that matters is faith


The most holy ritual of this religion is the Sacrament of the Falling Fire. To partake in the Sacrament, believers must travel to the crater within Drakkenheim. What follows is a mystery, known only to those who have already partaken in the ritual. What is known is that it changes the people who take the Sacrament. For them the Haze is no longer a hazard.

From the Darkest Shadow comes the Brightest Light

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Followers
Parent Organization

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