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Queen's Men

Decried as thieves and bandits by the other factions, the Queen's Men are just trying to survive in the post apocalyptic landscape that was Drakkenheim. Sure, some of them WERE thieves and bandits, but with the crops dead and trade disrupted by civil war, who can blame them? This oddball mix of landless peasants, mercenaries, and other marginalized and poor folk was brought together by the charismatic Queen of Thieves. It is through her shrewd dealing and force of personality that this group of castoff and downtrodden people has become a major player in the future of Drakkenheim.


The Queen of Thieves runs the organization, with her lieutenants below her. Below them are the gang leaders with their gangs.


The Queen's Men are egalitarian. They don't care who you were before or what you did.

Public Agenda

The Queen's Men advocate for a future without the nobility. A radical notion, but one they say is necessary. After all, what did the nobles do in the wake of this calamity, but fight amongst themselves for power while the people died.


What the Queen's Men lack in money and gear that the other factions have, they make up for with manpower. There are more Queen's Men than any other faction, except maybe the The Followers of the Falling Fire.


A few years ago, a mysterious and charismatic woman arrived in Drakkenheim. She began to draw people to her with her speeches of the failings of the nobility and how their time had passed. Her speeches resonated with the disillusioned poor of the broken realm of Westemar. When she discovered a safe location within the city and claimed it for her faction, even more people flocked to her cause. Some are true believers, others are pragmatists who see allying themselves with her as a fast path to looting wealth from the ruins.

Power to the People

Illicit, Rebel
Controlled Territories

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