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When the meteor fell fifteen years ago, it destroyed large sections of the city. But it wasn't just a large chunk of rock, the meteor also contained a crystal that has been named delerium. Delerium is a purplish color, and is only found within the ruins of the city of Drakkenheim. The greatest concentrations and largest crystals are found in the inner city, and especially in and around the crater.

Raw delerium is exceptionally dangerous. Physical contact with it can cause mutations. The people and animals in the city who weren't killed during the initial impact have been turned into ferocious mutants. It can be very volatile, and breaking a delerium crystal can create dangerous arcane anomalies. Those who work with it must take special precautions to avoid Contamination.

Why then would so many risk their lives to harvest and experiment with this highly dangerous crystal? One word: money. Delerium has become very valuable. The products it can make, more so. Delerium infused magic items, from potions to weapons, are incredibly potent, if sometimes dangerous to wield. A fortune can be made pulling delerium out of the city. If you survive.


Origin & Source

The meteor

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Delerium is considered sacred by The Followers of the Falling Fire. They use it in their holy rituals, especially in their Sacrament.


Refining delerium is highly dangerous. Those that manage it closely guard their process.


Any physical contact with delerium can cause mutation in living beings.
"Don't et it. Are ye daft? The Collins boy et some tryna impress sum gurl. 'E grew an evil mouth on 'is back that spewed all kinds of profane talk. 'Ad to tek im to the witch what lives by the big stone. She did 'er magick and 'e slept near a week, but 'e got better. Not bin the same since." - Farmer Cotton.

Enviromental Impact

The water and crops are contaminated for miles around the crater. Safe food and drinking water have to be brought in at great expense.


Trade & Market

Size Market Value Weight AC HP Extraction Time
Chip 10 gp 1/4 lbs 15 5 1 action
Fragment 100 gp 1//2 lbs 17 10 1 minute
Shard 500 gp 1 lbs 19 15 5 minutes
Crystal 1000 gp 2 lbs 21 20 30 min
Geode 5000 gp 20 lbs+ 23 25 1 hour
Massive Cluster Priceless 8000+ lbs 25 50 7 days
Common within the ruins of Drakkenheim, delerium is found nowhere else in the world.
Common State
Related Locations

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