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The Haze

The Haze encompasses much of the City of Drakkenheim and the Local Area . By day it manifests as a purplish fog that obscures the streets and hides the monsters lurking within. By night, it is visible as tiny motes of light, as if the entire area is alight with millions of purple fireflies. It is a magical wasteland that mutates the living and raises the dead. It is also only within the Haze that Delerium and Delerium Cipher can be found.


The entire city has been swallowed up by the Haze. Broken streets, crumbling houses, and many a ruined edifice mark this area. It extends into the sewers below the city as well, a nightmare maze of tunnels and corrupted water. Outside the city, the land is blighted. what little grows is a twisted mockery of nature.


Many monsters make their homes within the Haze, and undead stalk the streets.

Localized Phenomena

Any living thing that spends more than 24 hours within the Haze is subject to Contamination, which causes corruption, mutation, and madness. Eventually they turn into monsters. These creatures are nourished by the Haze.

Fauna & Flora

Within the city can be found gangs of mutated delerium dregs, packs of garmyr, swarms of ratlings, throngs of undead, and creatures stranger still. Some have no names for no sane person has seen them and lived long enough to name its horror.

Natural Resources

The Haze is the only location where delerium can be found.


Fifteen years ago, the city was struck by a meteor. Afterwards, the Haze spread outward from the crater and other smaller impact sites until it had consumed the whole city and its immediate environs.


Some enter the Haze drawn by the lure of easy riches. Some have heard a holy calling, some of them to embrace the stone fallen from the heavens, others to destroy its corrupting influence. Some come to study it and tap its potential powers. Others come to reclaim the city and its throne. But even the well prepared can fall to the dangers in the Haze, and many that enter this forsaken waste do not come out again.
Inhabiting Species


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