Interislian Concord

"I have no qualms with the Concord. They seek peace between the isls. That is enough for me. For now, anyway."
— Togmarius the Chronicler
  Founded at the end of the Void War, the Interislian Concord is a coalition of representatives from each isl that has chosen to adhere to the agreements established by the Despar-Kerekos Peace Accords. Each isl has two representaives, called Concordants, who reside at the Concord Headquarters on the Nexus. Every ten cycles, a pair of Concordants - each from a different isl - is chosen by the rest to act as Exarchs for cases where a Concord vote ends in a tie.  


Formed as a peacekeeping organization, the Concord's prime objective is to maintain balance and peace between the isls. All members of the Concord are required to join the Concord Alliance, which prevents them from committing acts against other members, as well as sign a peace agreements to act only in defense when in conflict with an isl that is not a member. Newly discovered isls are under the strict protection of the Void Rangers - and by extension, the Concord - until diplomacy is established with the natives.  


The Concord's dream is a peaceful Vast, where all isls exist in harmony. Their motto, "See beyond", is a shortened version of "see beyond yourself". In other words, don't focus on what you need, focus on what the Vast needs. Violence should always be a last resort, and only used in the pursuit of peace.   This noble approach has resulted in many diplomatic achievements, including the recent addition of the strass to the Concord. There are some, however - particularly among the militant orders of Kerekos - that choose to ignore the slogan's true meaning and greedily seek out new isls to extort.

Reach beyond.

Alternative Names
The Concord, I.C.,
Leader Title
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Subsidiary Organizations

Notes from the Chronicler

  This Concord has a noble cause, but it will never last. They are too idealistic. Conflict drives evolution. They are not the first to attempt to unite the isl, and they won't be the last. They have done well so far though, and I look forward to chronicling their fall as I have the others.  
  • Togmarius the Chronicler
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