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Yseult College

Ethaeras University Department of Thaumaturgy and Arcanic Studies
Secluded behind the winding gardens of Ethaeras University and at the northernmost point of the university's village is one of its smallest and most prestigious departments, internationally renowned foremost because it is the only one of its kind. While several other universities offer courses on arcanic studies and related subjects, Yseult College is the only place that specializes in the integration of arcanic studies with other disciplines, and it is the only college in the world with a curriculum designed primarily for arcanists.



Yseult College was one of four constituating colleges founded at Ethaeras University in the wake of the Rape of the Imperium. Cassidan Yseult was an Ethanian war general and earl who retired from his military career shortly after the Rape of the Imperium and used his accumulated wealth to found the college. In its early years, it offered a single Doctorate of Thaumaturgy degree, and was immediately popular as dozens of wealthy or noble arcanists from all over the world flocked to pursue an education particularly suited to their 'talents'.

14th and 15th Centuries

The college saw steady enrollment throughout the 1300s, and in the later half of the century the department's faculty began conferring more often with the other nearby colleges in an effort to incorporate new technological and pedagogical advances. Simultaneously was an increased interest in arcanic studies from non-arcanists—many slighen displaced by the dissintigration of the Imperium, and later those whose ancestors had been displaced, became interested by the subject that had dominated much of slighen life there.

In 1356, the Arcana Studies and History degree was added, which was a standard four-year program that could be taken by anyone, not just arcanists. Several years later the department was restructured to fully integrate its curriculum with the other fields of study within Ethaeras.

Degree Offerings

Arcana Studies and History

Arcana Studies and History is a fairly straightforward, four-year program that focuses on arcanium and its related elements/chemicals as well as its history. Additionally, it covers arcanic development in regards to the life cycle, and its effects in natural environments. Students in other departments may also take various elective courses in this degree to supplement their standard university education.


Thaumaturgical Addendum

A Thaumaturgical Doctorate is a cross-discipline doctorate (usually six to eight years) only offered to arcanists, and developed somewhat to fit a specific area of interest and arcanic typing of the individual. The most common areas of study are in the scientific and medical fields, however Yseult has also seen a number of humanities students throughout the years.
The nature of study in this degree program is noted as a prefix in the title like so: Thm. Doctorate of Medicine for a doctor, in example. The individual's arcanic typing is not indicated.
Current admission rates sit at about 12-14%, making the college extremely difficult to get into. All prospective students submit their transcripts and letters of application per usual before taking examinations. Those looking at the thaumaturgical doctorate program must include argument for how their arcanic typing and skills are related to their prospective area of cross-disciplinary study, and then must take a secondary examination through the related college or department.

Preliminary Requirements

Yseult, like any organization of higher learning, has several basic admission requirements, though they are slightly more lax when it comes to academia classism. A basic comprehension of literature and letters, mathematics, and history is required to even be considered, and while Ethaeras University as a whole maintains the assumption that their students are graduating to carry out the life of an upper-class citizen, Yseult understands that—especially in the modern age—most arcanists and slighen are simply not going to have had a suitable prior education. Thus, those students who haven't had tutors or governesses while growing must complete several extra classes as part of their core requirements.

Student Life

Located in
Ethaeras University

Related Persons
Ruskov Marnise
Basilius Tiergarn II

Before arcanium was determined to be a natural periodic element, its usage was considered to be more inherent magic and less science, and the consequences of said usage attributed to chaotic forces. As a clearer understanding of its relation to the human body was defined non-arcanists posited that perhaps the element could be studied by anyone, even if only arcanists could actually use it.

Simply having a sword in your possession does not mean you can wield it. And even having the skill to wield it will not make you effective in a battle on its own.
— Headmaster Rienne Divonne

Arcana Poisoning
All programs within Yseult include some degree of study on the long-term psychological and physiological effects of arcana, and the development of arcana poisoning. This is part of the appeal of the Arcana Studies degree to slighen and others who might pursue involvement with arcanists, professionally or otherwise—anyone can be susceptible to arcana poisoning over a long period.

Course Overview
Name: Julen Alaniss
Degree: Thm. Doctorate of Medicine
Typing: Psychic, nondonor
Year: One

07101 Intro. to Arcana Studies and History
07114 An and Va Specific Chemistry
07114b An and Va Chemistry Lab
03103 Anatomy
02106 Propriety and Artistry
02114 Oral and Written Etiquette

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by midjourney

Asirev Theater

Asirev is the smaller of two medical theaters at Ethaeras, intended for more private audiences and clubs. The theater is finely furnished in comparison with many other more general medical theaters, with cushioned seating, crystal and iron fixtured chandeliers, and a readily stocked bar with several fine domestic liquours. Medical operations are the most frequent source of entertainment at the theater, however other endeavors related to the medical fields are also welcome at the theater.

The Cannon Room

The Cannon Room was designed by a group of students in 1343, and is a steel chamber in the basement of Bauffen Hall. The walls are made up of several layers of Aveaan steel, glass, and other compounds that enable it to withstand incredible amounts of force, as well as being soundproof but also transparent. The walls themselves were one of the most expensive additions to the college, but the room has been used by arcanists and non-arcanists alike for all sorts of experimentation.

The Gardens

The entire college is interspersed with a variety of gardens, including multiple floral and herbal gardens as well as an orchard grove and what could be considered a miniature vineyard. Many of the plants are harvested and used by the college, but the gardens also offer an atmospheric environment for studying and congregating. Several small fountains dot the landscape and provide fresh water, and students may pick fruit from the trees and vines for snacking as they please.

Pyramisic Chapel

One of the more recent additions to the college, the chapel was built in 1417 and offers alters for all three major gods. Very few formal services are held at the chapel, but it does provide a more intimate location for worship, where those from more variant cultures may feel less intimidated or anxious to follow their own religious customs.


Yseult's own sports are limited to non-competitive rugby and step-dance teams, but students at the college engage in any number of extracurriculars offered by the other colleges. Salons are occasionally hosted in Asirev for various clubs, and the school hosts an annual spring Arcanic Symposium to showcase both its current students and alumni.
". . .well, that's the thing, transparency, right? I can do all that you just said with the bloodstream. And that is bloody brilliant, you're right; I'm not denying it. But I draw a line from neck to groin, and just coagulate all the blood . . .yes, exactly, they're going to fucking die. You need anatomy, at least a basic understanding.

"So let's say I learn that anatomy, I come back to the table, I open her up, I carve out the muscle that seems to be the problem . . .that, that's it right there, repeat what you just said a bit louder—

"That's the key. Because arcanium is a brilliant tool, it's fucking amazing, but if that's what you're using to do the dirty work then you shouldn't be anywhere near a scalpel. If that's what you're relying on, all you're going to do is drain yourself dry and maybe cause some peripheral damage."
— Ruskov Marnise, 1480 Surgery Introductory Seminar

Notable Alumni

Slighen Lisbet Ryker

Slighen Ryker recieved an Arcanic Studies and History degree in 1532. She was High Lady of House Ryker, and served in the Beourjen Army for nearly twenty years as Fjornin Balassar's Slighen. She was a crucial part of Beourjen's success in the Border Wars, and had one of the longest military careers for a slighen.

Ruskov Marnise

High Lord Marnise was a renowned physician and surgeon in Ethana and the Confederacy, and recieved his doctorate in 1478. He taught at Yseult for several years before opening his own practice in Beourjen City, and specialized in children's and family surgery as well as cardiovascular issues.

The Dreamweaver

Julen Alaniss is a physician specializing in sleep disorders and trauma. She recieved her doctorate in 1549, and is currently involved in research at Yseult as well as providing private treatment. Her predominant focus is on Ethanian veterans from the Ethanian-Beourjen War.

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