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Sacred Knowledge

Preserving and sharing knowledge, it stands at the heart of Sacred Knowledge. Fully specialised in running libraries, this organisation provides every town and city stretching throughout Eshil with the finest librarians it has to offer.  
Posing as professional librarians, providing services to anyone who wants to obtain knowledge, the gnomes from Sacred Knowledge are after one thing only: the preservation and the resurrection of the Grilashi Empire. Using any means possible, they are slowly working towards this goal under the guidance of their leader.
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Why yes, we... are Sacred Knowledge. We'll make sure that your library will remain in perfect condition and your books be meticulously catalogued for you to find information with ease.
— A librarian from Sacred Knowledge

Bookkeepers of Knowledge

The members of Sacred Knowledge strive to make sure that information is accessible to those that need it at all times. Therefore, their libraries are always open at all hours of the day. Working in shifts, there is always someone around in the establishment to help any wanderer in their pursuit of knowledge.   To be working as a librarian, one must have a vast knowledge on at least two subjects. This extensive knowledge will help in pointing people in the right direction to find answers to their questions. Furthermore, librarians are equipped with a complex catalogueing system to record every book that the library currently has in house, and which have been loaned to whom. Learning how to navigate this system is mandatory for every member.  

Pursuit of Change

For the past couple decades, the gnomes of Sacred Knowledge slowly work from the shadows. They want to stay below the radar as much as they can to avoid any potential and political conflicts. Their radical plan must not fall into any hands, other than those from within the organisation.   Bringing back the Grilashi Empire is an enormous task and must be done so delicately, as not to stirr up any old wounds from the people of Illtresi. Especially residents of Limani have a particular dislike of this plan, seeing as the Empire tried to grind them to a mere crumble.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
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Have you heard? They say that the mayors of Wongan and Pelabu are puppets, controlled by our leaders! They're slowly warming up the other Nenn to the idea of returning the Empire to its former glory! This is so exciting!
— A Librarian
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!

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Aug 16, 2022 20:28

This speaks to my very soul. Maintaining, storing and knowing things about the books in this library, as vast as it gets, must be so rewarding and relaxing on the soul. Thank you for this.

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