Bladeward Fellowship

20th of Overlight, AE 721  
Worshippers of the twin war deities Dinya and Katsya once flocked to the halls of the Bladeward Fellowship where drink always flowed, beds were always available, and songs were always sung a little off-key. They were a place for warriors and tacticians alike to rest and recuperate, and occasionally debate battle strategy if they were up to it. Nowadays, most halls have fallen into disrepair, if they haven't been abandoned entirely.   In their heyday, the Bladeward Fellowship was a booming business. Job postings were constant and conflict was abundant after the power vacuum caused by the transitioning of eras; as unpleasant as it was for average individuals, the Fellowship was a reliably profitable organization to be a part of. Any citizen down on their luck could come to a hall and receive training in the art of the blade or bow, and while they may die before ever becoming rich, it gave them hope and a chance.   Until peace intervened.   Tishina, the god of peace and diplomacy was well known to not be a pacifist, but vehemently disapproved of the war gods' actions. They were young and overzealous, frequently switching sides and riling up minor political conflicts into violent pyrrhic wars. They outnumbered her, and she could not stand for it.   After Dinya and Katsya were torn asunder and forcibly merged into Konet in AE 385, the Fellowship remained hopeful and loyal to their deities for nearly a decade, but as the joined deity showed no signs of ever recovering, even the most devoted began to lose faith.   Now there is only one broken war god, barely holding onto their own divinity, and one peace god; an even more advantageous balance than Tishina had hoped for.

Tenets of Faith

The Fellowship prizes physical fitness; being able to defend oneself from attack is a critically important skill all should be trained in.   All branches of the Fellowship expose the ideals of both Dinya and Katsya, both brutality in battle as well as creating effective strategies to best overwhelm your enemies, but individual Fellowship halls do tend to push one over the other, depending on where their members stand.
Social, Brotherhood / Sisterhood


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