24th of Overlight, AE 721  

With the sword, she seeks peace.

Peace does not equate to mercy, nor to kindness as Tishina's followers know well. While she is a goddess of peace, Tishina has been known to be callous, cruel, and manipulative in order to achieve her ends.

Divine Domains

Peace, diplomacy, enchantment magic

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Coiled rattlesnake - snakes in general, but particularly rattlesnakes are a commonly used symbol of Tishina. It's said that it comes from a snake's tendency to flee and posture, always using nonviolent options before resorting to a deadly strike.

Mental characteristics


Legend says that before ascending to godhood, Tishina was a half-elven queen, as well as being a highly talented enchantress. She carefully and strategically conquered neighboring kingdoms without the use of armed conflict. Through diplomacy, mind-altering magics, and the occasional choking of supply lines, all that she wanted would become eventually hers.   Available information on the process of her ascension is even more vague. Some people say Kondrati granted her the power to bridge the gap between her own already exceptional powers and true godhood. Others would point out that is has long been known that there are dark rituals which those thirsty for power may undertake, and perhaps there is a reason that the country she supposedly ruled is a total unknown, seemingly lost to time.
Divine Classification
Lawful neutral
Teal green
Long, wavy, very dark brown
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Goldream-1 by JR Korpa
Character Portrait image: by Krystyna Nowek


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