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The faculty of the Parliament of the Polymath incorporates all the personnel who are not actual members of the Parliament. Although all of them are under one umbrella, its members are doing three different tasks.
Besides the philosophers, there are also teachers within the borders of Brillansis. Primarily they tutor children of nobles, merchants, and other people. The function of teaching was added recently to the activities of Brillansis. Until recently, the money to operate the state came from the other countries of Gibora, mainly from the Dominion. The Parliament decided that if Brillansis wanted to become completely neutral, it must have its own income. Having tutors is the first step in this direction. The line between the teachers and the philosophers is a little blurry because the philosophers are sometimes taking classes too. The teachers are the smallest part of the faculty at the moment. The dean is their leader, but it is more of an administrative position.
In size, the second part of the faculty is the provosts. They are responsible for border protection, the safety of visitors, and policing the ground of Brillansis. Under the leadership of the captain, there are four platoons of provost and a small, specialized unit handling breaking up fisticuffs when tensions are running high. A group of magicians also report directly to the captain in combat situations.
The three leaders meet officially every month.
And there is the administrative staff. They are responsible for everything from keeping the alleys and groves orderly, feeding everybody, to maintaining the privies. And everything else that can be imagined. It is by far the most significant part of the faculty, numbering in the thousands. They are under the leadership of the chamberlain, a handful of stewards, and many supervisors.
We are the thinkers, but the faculty is definitely the doer
— Rogmesh, Eminence of the Parliament


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