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Within Zrarar, the capital of the Dominion of the Hobgoblin, you can find the city-state, Brillansis. It is the residence of many of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of Tacillia, and the Parliament of Polymath can be found here.
Brillansis was established after the Separation War. All the opposing parties agreed that they needed a neutral organization that could advance the Dominion without any future bloodshed. Without any doubt, there was an ulterior motive to build up the Dominion with the help of the Parliament to become the foremost power on Gibora. However, because Brillansis is neutral, philosophers, makers, and everybody who wanted to learn started to visit the place from all over Gibora. Hobgoblins, orcs, and kobolds still make up most residences, but more and more calamor, valturo, and skat'ra can be seen too. It is rumored that someone recently ran into a qat, too, which put everyone on edge for a while.
The size of Brillansis is roughly 6 square kilometers. There are a lot of gardens, woods, groves, and small streams that make up most of the place. It is a beautiful place for thinking and discussing, and it is also a significant barrier between the innermost parts of Brillansis and the outside world. It is surrounded by a massive wall patrolled by the constables of Zrarar outside and the provosts of Brillansis inside.
The building complex is located in the heart of Brillansis. The most important building is the Parliament of Polymath, where all the recommendations are decided for the Dominion and other nations. The body of the Parliament is made up of various professions. It was clear at the start that if the Parliament wanted its decisions to be the absolute best, its members must include representatives of as many occupations as possible.
Nobody tells you, but it is also a great place to hide from authority
— Giz Foolthorn, kobold scoundrel


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